Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee
Tuesday, 16th May, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Beddington Park Primary School, Mallinson Road, Beddington, CR0 4UL

Contact: Davena Palmer, Democratic Services Officer, Tel: 0208 770 4990 Email: 

No. Item


Welcome and introductions


The chair welcomed all those present.



Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Pat Bridgeman and Jim Simms.



Declarations of interest


7. Highways Update.

Councillor Pathumal Ali, Non Pecuniary, her children attend High View Primary School.



Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 140 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 10 January 2017.


RESOLVED: that the minutes from the meeting held on 10 January 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record.



Order of Items


The chair announced that Items 9 and 11 on the agenda would be heard as items 5 and 6.



Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Members and a local resident raised questions regarding waste refuse. It was asked whether street cleaners were being asked to do more work in less time under reduced lunch breaks, whether the council was happy with the response time following reports of fly tipping, and for an update to be provided on the contract transition period and an idea of when service will return to normal.


Veolia General Manager, Scott Edgell apologised for level of service that residents had been receiving so far. He explained that the borough had been split into 3 neighbourhood areas to create fairer share of work for street cleaners. He confirmed that lunch breaks had been reduced following consultation and new beats for street cleaners were being rolled out as well as street sweeping in response to demand. Veolia General Manager added further that there had been some teething issues but they would be introducing an additional collection vehicle for green bags and fly tips and more compact beats focussing on litter.


The Assistant Director for Environmental Commissioning, Matt Clubb commented that 10 days for a fly tip removal was unacceptable and that the additional resources being introduced by Veolia across all collection services will address this. The council will also be working with Veolia to get back to normal service in a few week.


Members said that operatives were often leaving 1 or 2 bins unemptied and asked why that happens on normal round. The Veolia General Manager explained that they had introduced a lot of new staff and were working to address staff that were not maintaining the standard. There is also an issue with contaminated bins which can’t be accepted and they are looking at using hangers to explain to residents why their bin or container has been left.


Members questioned how the initial confusing literature regarding the changes will be rectified, and what systems will be put in place to deal with contamination. The Veolia General Manager responded that they will be bringing in bin hangers to help residents avoid contamination, and they are working with the Council Communications Team to simplify the literature and use more social media.


Members and a local resident raised further questions regarding the bin hangers, unissued containers, cul-de-sac collections, coloured bags for flats above shops and the literature content to be issued across the borough.


The Veolia General Manager explained that the bin hangers were not a new idea, but they couldn’t be used for the first two weeks as it was unfair to residents. Veolia did have some issues with missed cul-de-sacs due to traffic and parking, but they are working on access plans to service those streets at off-peak times. There will also be new vehicles coming with dividers to keep the different coloured bags separate.


The Assistant Director explained that the literature that was used regarding the bins had been tried and tested across London, but the lesson learned was that one size doesn’t fit all boroughs. He said further that there  ...  view the full minutes text for item 56.


Highways Update pdf icon PDF 110 KB

Yinka Daniyan (Principle Highways Engineer) to give an update on Highways projects in the ward areas. 


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Senior Professional Engineer, Yinka Daniyan presented the report.


The Lead Locality Officer, Claire Smith highlighted that a question had been submitted by Paul Banham regarding Clyde Road and it would be answered in the recommendations tracker at the next meeting.


Members raised concerns with the length of the one-way road trial proposed for Tharp Road and asked for consultation ongoing communication with ward councillors. A local resident asked why consultations hadn’t been done on neighbouring streets as to whether they would also like a one-way system. Senior Professional Engineer explained that minimum period required for a trial is 12 months and that there would be a wider impact assessment to capture those further roads. Local resident Paul Banham said that at the last meeting it was agreed that another public meeting would be held for those that couldn’t attend the first one. Senior Professional Engineer confirmed that he would set up a meeting.


Liz Brailsford of High View Primary School said that two surveys took place in respect of a crossing and asked why the criteria different in the two surveys. By taking just the two busiest hours and applying it the criteria didn’t add up. The Senior Professional Engineer explained that the first survey was taken by the Sustainable Transport Team to assess the need for school crossing officer and was set by Sutton Council. The second survey followed London's transport guidelines that required a 4 hour survey period.


Members highlighted that Tharp Road is also a cycle route and asked whether bikes would still be on the road or whether a different road would be allocated. The Team Leader Strategy and Commissioning Team, Ian Price said that they could look at unmarked contraflows as part of the scheme.


Local resident Mr Larkin, raised some questions in respect of Highview School and a potential crossing. The Lead Locality Officer explained that the Sustainable Transport Officer would be invited to the meeting on the 6 June to discuss the matter, and that any questions could be emailed directly to Yinka ahead of the meeting.


Due to a lack of consensus from Members regarding Clyde Road it was suggested by the Monitoring Officer, Jessica Crowe that the recommendation at 2.2 of the report be deferred to the next meeting to allow for further consultation.




  1. The progress made towards implementing the traffic schemes as set out in the report be noted


  1. The introduction of a ‘one-way’ system in Tharp Road under a one year experimental order, subject to funding being identified, be deferred to the next meeting.


  1. It be noted that funding for a School Crossing Patrol Officer (SCPO) for Highview Primary School has been allocated from the Sustainable Travel (ST) budget.


Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 95 KB

The recommendations tracker allows Committee Members to monitor responses, actions and outcomes against their recommendations or requests for further actions. This is updated following each Committee. Once an item is completed it will be removed from the tracker.


Indicative timing: 5 minutes


Lead Locality Officer, Claire Smith presented the recommendations tracker to the committee.


RESOLVED: that the contents of the report were noted.



Citizen Advice Bureau - Advice Link Partnership pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Steve Triner of Citizens Advice Sutton would like to present an item on the Advice Link partnership Sutton (ALPS) which is the new information and advice service for the borough.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Steve Triner the Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau delivered the presentation.

Members asked if there was any scope for extending the 9-5 call operating hours to weekends and evenings. Steve Triner confirmed 9-5 are the core hours of the ALPS Service, but the Sutton Carers Centre and Age UK work late on evenings and the libraries provide support on weekends.


Residents and members asked if the excel breakdown was for the Beddington and Wallington locality and if there were any trends in the types of enquiries being made. Steve Triner confirmed that the data did reflect the local area and there was a trend for complex queries and debt advice.


A local resident asked if the service was providing feedback to the Council on how it can address some of the issues people are enquiring about. Steve Triner explained that they could easily provide information to the Council. Members asked further if there was specific information relating to the elderly. Steve Triner explained that they could provide a demographic breakdown by age and similarly with ethnicity or religious beliefs. Members requested that this information be shared with them via email.



Environmental Anti-Social Behaviour Engagement Session

Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, to lead an engagement session on environmental anti-social behaviour.


Indicative timing: 30 minutes


The Lead Locality Officer led the engagement session with Andrew Chandler the new Neighbourhood Manager


The Lead Locality Officer explained that the activity was designed to gather information from residents on environmental anti-social behaviour, and the information summarised and feedback at another meeting



Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


PS Sarah Tynan gave an update on the ward priorities in the area and community safety issues. The update highlighted:


  • Beddington South - There had been a drop in burglaries due to high visibility patrols. There were still ongoing problems with anti-social behaviour and drugs, and the police were working to establish CBO’s. Police were also working with the Council on the issues with motorbikes to look for a solution.
  • Beddington North - There had been a spate of garage burglaries but neighbourhood officers have been conducting stop and searches. There are some concerns in the area regarding speeding and fly tipping and PCSO’s were working closely with the council.
  • Wallington North - There have been real reductions in theft, but there has been a high number of shoplifting incidents at Sainsbury's on Manor Road. Police are conducting- stop and searches and high visibility patrols to combat this.
  • Wallington South - There have been 4 burglaries of bicycles from sheds and Police are setting up a bike marking scheme. A warrant has been executed which has uncovered a large drugs factory. There has also been some work with wellbeing group in the community, which held an open day that was really well attended.


A local resident asked what the law was on laughing gas canisters. PS Sarah Tynan explained that they were illegal to purchase but not to have on your person. Police are happy to come down and move any users on their way.


Sandy Goodwin of Beddington Community Forum and Beddington North Neighbourhood Forum, asked what the legal position was on parking on grass verges and the status of a bollard replacement. PS Sarah Tynan responded that it was a question for the council as the police no longer deal with parking. The Lead Locality Officer asked to be emailed the specific location in order to chase an update on the bollard replacement.


A local resident commented there was a parking number you can call to report parking infringements. The Lead Locality Officer said that the she would find this information and share it with residents.



Public Realm and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 107 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes. The Locality Lead Officer will then present on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.



Indicative timing: 15 minutes

Additional documents:


Lead Locality Officer, Claire Smith presented the report.




  1. The sum of £19,150 be approved for the supply and installation of hanging
    baskets, barrier baskets and planters from Public Realm capital converted to revenue.


  1. The sum of £23, 762 be approved for the supply and installation of festive lights from
    Public Realm capital converted to revenue.



  1. The sum of £1,220 be allocated for the implementation stage - heritage posts and hanging baskets on Wallington Green from the revenue budget.


  1. The sum of £15, 505 of public realm capital be recycled from the Beddington park skate ramp scheme.



Christmas Lights pdf icon PDF 95 KB

An update on the planned commissioning approach to Christmas Lights in Sutton from 2017 and beyond.         


Indicative timing: 15 minutes

Additional documents:


Investment and Enterprise Programme Manager, Mary Innes, presented the brief which highlighted:


  • That the Council was coming to the end of its current contract, giving an opportunity to re-test the market
  • There is a cross project team working on this and they are trying to learn lessons from the previous contract
  • They are currently looking at 5 year contract term and the new commission will be based on 2016 lighting locations
  • The team will make sure that they have consistent communications with the local committee


Members requested that the lights be ready for switch on events starting from the last week of November. The team will have a designated person that can be contacted about logistics, once the contract becomes operational, and there will be out of hours facilities for reporting any faults and for the switch on events. The Investment and Enterprise Programme Manager confirmed these issues would be addressed with the contractor when appointed.


Members and a local resident asked if the lavender lights would stay up and whether responsive repairs will be included in the new contract. The Investment and Enterprise Programme Manager was in agreement regarding the responsive repairs and that the team would work closely with local representatives on operational delivery. She further explained that the lavender lights would be part of the contract, and any decision as to whether to proceed with new lavender lights would come back to the Committee at a later date.


RESOLVED: that the Christmas lights brief was noted



Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for the urgency.


There were no urgent items.



Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 11 July 2017 at 7 pm. Venue to be confirmed.



The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 11 July 2017, 7 pm at the Croygas Sports and Social Club.