Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee
Tuesday, 11th July, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Croygas Sports Club, 48 Mollison Drive, Wallington, SM6 9BY

Contact: Davena Palmer, Democratic Services Officer, Tel: 0208 770 4990 Email: 

No. Item


Welcome and introductions


The Chair welcomed those present.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Marian James as well as apologies for lateness from Councillor Abellan.


Declarations of interest


No declarations of interest were made.


Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 148 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 16 May 2017.


To follow


RESOLVED: that the minutes from the meeting held on the 16 May 2017 be agreed and signed as an accurate record, subject to the following amendments:


·         Item 7: Liz Brownfields to be amended to Liz Brailsford and the school mentioned is High View Primary School, not Highview.

·         Item 2: Apologies were provided by Community Rep Jim Simms.


Order of Items


The Chair informed those present that Item 12 - Public Question Time would be heard first on the agenda.


Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


The Chair read out questions submitted prior to the meeting, as attached in the Appendix to the Minutes, which were responded to by Officers at the meeting. The answers are also included in the appendix for the purpose of clarity.


Questions on the Waste Service

Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks, Biodiversity and Street Cleansing, and Scott Edgell, General Manager - Veolia, were present to answer questions on the new waste service.


Residents and Members enquired:

·         Would the green boxes be replaced by wheelie bins? The Veolia representative answered that small boxes were still being delivered and new ideas were being put to the Council.

·         When would service improvement be seen? Members regretted that enquiries to Veolia were not replied to in a prompt fashion for which the Veolia representative apologised. It was confirmed that an improvement had been seen in recent performance indicators.

·         What would be done for repeat missed collections? The Veolia representative explained how collections were organised among crews and specific schedules were being looked at.

·         What was being done to resolve problems with (contaminated) communal collections and misadvice? The Veolia representative explained that collection crews were being re-advised on contamination rules. It was clarified that vehicles should return to collect contaminated bins once reported by the first crews and advice would be provided to residents. The Veolia representative further responded by saying that Veolia had labels to put on contaminated waste bins, but they had not been brought into use yet. He was urged by Members to start using them to help residents understand why bins were not collected.

·         What was being done to prevent overflowing roadside litter bins? The Veolia representative responded that the street cleaning schedules had been amended and improvements were ongoing as a priority.

The Veolia Representative informed the residents that a recruitment exercise was underway and that local people in particular were highly encouraged to apply.


Jessica Crowe, Assistant Director, Chief Executive’s Directorate (Customers, Commissioning and Governance), responded to a complaint that contradictory advice was being given out by contact centre staff, explaining that many changes had been implemented which meant staff had struggled to keep up sometimes, and committed to liaise with the Head of Service to ensure staff were fully up to speed.


The Chair requested that specific issues regarding bins on the Roundshaw Estate be sent to her directly via e-mail.


It was confirmed by the Assistant Director that the waste service would be further examined by both the Environment & Neighbourhood and Scrutiny Committees.


Petition: Elles House - Pavement Crossover pdf icon PDF 115 KB

To consider a petition from Bernard Rofe of Elles House, as submitted to the

Council on 29 January 2017.


Indicative timing: 5 minutes


Upon the invitation of the Chair, the lead petitioner Bernard Rofe, spoke to the Committee on behalf of the residents of Elles House. Mr Rofe called for a metre-wide pavement crossover outside the shoppers’ entrance of Elles House and welcomed the recommendation of the report, thanking Officers and Ward Councillors for their assistance.


Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning - Highways & Transport, briefly responded by presenting the report. It was underlined that the scheme was still in the feasibility stage. After another resident reported a similar accident, the Officer committed to follow up on crossing difficulties with regards to Gordon Road.


Members discussed the difficulties of a resolution due to difficulties with sight lines across the library car park and bus stand locations which created danger to both pedestrians and drivers. These reservations were acknowledged by the Officer and would be taken into account during the design review.


It was explained by the Officer that no funding was available prior to the 2018/2019 Local Implementation Plan (LIP).


RESOLVED: that the provision of a pedestrian crossing facility as a potential scheme in the 2018/19 Local Implementation Plan (LIP) report be noted.


Petition: Coughlan Bakery - Controlled Free Parking pdf icon PDF 121 KB

To consider a petition from Peter Coughlan of Coughlan Bakery, as submitted to MP Tom Brake on 20 January 2017.


Indicative timing: 5 minutes


Upon the invitation of the Chair, the lead petitioner Pete Coughlan, spoke to the Committee. Mr Coughlan asked for controlled 30 minute free parking with no return within 2 hours, outside his shop (Coughlan Bakery, 5 The Parade, Stafford Road, Wallington).


Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning - Highways & Transport, briefly responded by presenting the report and explaining the borough-wide parking strategy. In response to photos which had been handed out by Mr Coughlan, the Officer believed there were enforcement issues which he would pass on to the relevant officer.


Mr Coughlan lamented that a solution would not be forthcoming until the third-year implementation of the borough-wide parking strategy and that this was damaging his business.


Members asked whether enforcement action could be looked into to mitigate the delay. The Officer requested that specific safety and access issues be reported in writing to the Council for enforcement prior to the strategy.



1.    It be noted that the petition related to changes to the parking operation and the situation will be reviewed as part of the Borough-wide Parking Strategy.

2.    The safety and access issues concerns raised be investigated for potential enforcement.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Sergeant Kieran O’Brien gave a brief update on Safer Neighbourhood Team priorities (burglary, vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour) in the local wards.


The Officer updated residents on:

·         Vehicle crime (theft) and night duty patrols in Beddington North. Residents were encouraged to verify their vehicles were locked.

·         Anti-social behaviour and work by Officers in Wallington North and Beddington South.

·         Fly-tipping on Redhouse Road and liaison with the Council for enforcement.


The Officer also informed residents of upcoming changes:

·         Management and organisational changes to the Safer Neighbourhood Team following the London Mayor’s Policing Plan.

·         The allocation of two dedicated ward officers per ward, alongside a PCSO each.


Councillor Muhammad Sadiq reported a reduced police visibility on Roundshaw Downs. The Sergeant committed to look into this but also explained that recent presence had been reduced with Officers assisting on major incidents in London.


Also in relation to Roundshaw Downs, residents reported anti-social behaviour from motorbikes racing in the park. The Sergeant noted the issues and explained difficulties in tackling the problem. It was unclear to residents to whom problems should be reported and this feedback was noted by the Sergeant. If there was an immediate risk of danger, the Sergeant advised residents to call 999.


Beddington North TfL Major Scheme pdf icon PDF 23 MB

A presentation will be given by Mandar Puranik (Programme Manager- Area Renewal and Regeneration)and Kevin Williams (Transport & Highways) regarding the consultation phase of the project, with an opportunity for comments and questions.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Holly Lewis, Consultant ‘We Made That’, and Mandar Puranik, Area Renewal and Regeneration Programme Manager, gave a presentation on the major scheme. Residents were informed that public consultation would run until 16 July 2017. 


Due to time pressures, the Chair requested that residents and Members pose questions to the Consultant and Officers outside of the meeting.


Local Needs Assessment - Health & Wellbeing

Lead Locality Officer will undertake an engagement session regarding the health and wellbeing priority agreed by this Local Committee, to discuss how public realm can be spent to make a positive impact on the Health & Wellbeing of the community.


Indicative timing: 40 minutes


The Chair introduced Christine Lindsay who gave a presentation on Health and Wellbeing in the community.


Following questions, it was confirmed that there was no age restriction on attending Wallington Community Wellbeing Group events. Members were particularly impressed by the patient referrals from GPs to ‘Walks for Health,’ mentioned in the presentation. Jessica Crowe, Assistant Director, Chief Executive’s Directorate (Customers, Commissioning and Governance) would be recommending the initiative to the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group.


Due to time constraints, the Chair withdrew the engagement session from this item.


Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, provided feedback on the Environmental Anti-Social Behaviour engagement session. The four identified priorities were confirmed as fly-tipping, dog fouling, graffiti and Beddington Park. Residents were thanked for their input.


Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 78 KB

The Recommendations Tracker allows Committee Members to monitor responses, actions and outcomes against recommendations or requests for further action. This is updated following each committee meeting.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes



Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, presented the recommendations tracker which was noted by the Committee.


Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 112 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes. A presentation will be given on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes

Additional documents:


Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, provided an update on the Public Realm budget and encouraged residents to apply for Neighbourhood Grant funding.



1.    The progress of Public Realm schemes, as highlighted in Appendix A, be noted.

2.    The sum of £4,374 Public Realm Capital for the installation of signage on Beddington Park as detailed, in Appendix A, be approved.


Highways Update pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Yinka Daniyan (Principle Highways Engineer) to give an update on Highways projects in the ward areas and


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning - Highways & Transport, presented the report.


It was updated that the scheme completion date for Mill Lane / Butter Hill, under Paragraph 3.2, was unlikely to be by August 2017 as stated. The engagement session mentioned with regards to Foresters Drive / Sandy Lane South / Water Rise / Wordsworth Road Junction, Paragraph 3.8, was unlikely to take place in July.


In response to Member questions, the delay with regards to Butter Hill was explained as being due to affecting more than one local committee area. Members suggested that neighbouring Ward Councillors be considered in consultation rather than Officers narrowly construing issues in isolation.


Members enquired why the double yellow lines had not been painted at the junction of Blenheim Gardens. The Officer committed to look into why this had not been actioned.


Following resident enquiry, the Officer further elaborated on timelines relating to the highway schemes in the report. Further information and options ought to be available at the next committee.



1.    The progress made towards traffic schemes, as set out in the report, be noted.

2.    It be noted that Tharp Road and The Chase, (two of the three highways issues raised), have been mentioned as potential schemes in the proposed 2018/19 LIP Schemes report.


Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Submission 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 212 KB

This report outlines the proposed schemes to be considered for inclusion in the 2018/19 bid to Transport for London (TfL).


Indicative timing: 10 minutes



Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning - Highways & Transport, presented the report.


Members relayed to the Officer that the Carew School may be relocating and that this should be taken into account. Residents welcomed the suggested scheme in relation to Plough Lane and further contributed their local knowledge, particularly with regards to Roe Way, for committee’s consideration.


RESOLVED: that the proposed schemes within the report were considered and their inclusion in the submission to TfL on October 2017, for the 2018/19 programme be agreed.


Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for the urgency.


No urgent items were raised.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 10 October 2017 at 7 pm. The venue is yet to be confirmed.



The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 10 October 2017.

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