Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee
Tuesday, 11th June, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Holy Trinity Church, Maldon Road, Wallington, SM6 8BL

Contact: Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, Tel: 020 8770 5937 | Email:  Cathy Hayward, Committee Services Officer, Tel: 020 8770 4990 | Email:


No. Item


Welcome and introductions


The Chair, Councillor Steve Cook, welcomed those present.



Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mo Saqib, Sunita Gordon, Manuel Abellan.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 30 April 2019.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 30 April 2019 be agreed as an accurate record.



Public questions pdf icon PDF 94 KB

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda.

If you wish to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send it to at least 5 workings days in advance and we will endeavour to obtain a written response for the meeting. 

Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.

Indicative time 15 minutes



Residents at the meeting were invited to ask questions, and those who had submitted and received a response to a question outside of the meeting (published as an addendum to the agenda) were invited to ask a supplementary question.


Local resident Mr Behan confirmed that he had received a response to his question. As a supplementary question Mr Behan asked for details about when the missing height restriction signs for the bridge in Manor Road. Mr Behan noted that the 7.5t weight limit signs for Demesne Road (lighting missing) would be resolved in ten weeks.  Members and Kevin Williams, Senior Engineer, Highways confirmed that he would investigate and provide a response to Mr Behan regarding the timescales for the missing height restriction sign in Manor Road.


A local resident asked what time the Veolia contract allows collections to start in the mornings, Claire Smith, the Local Lead Officer agreed to provide this information to the resident.



Appointment of community representatives

An application for the appointment of a Community Representative has been received.

It is recommended that the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee appoint Geoff Hines to represent Friends of Beddington Park
on the Local Committee.


Indicative time 5 minutes



RESOLVED: that Geoff Hines be appointed as a community representative of the local committee on behalf of Friends of Beddington Park.



Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues.


Indicative time 15 minutes



PC Steven Routledge provided an update on the priorities in the three wards.


A local resident asked about scooters being used on Roundshaw Downs particularly on Sunday afternoons. PC Routledge explained that the police are aware of the issue, but enforcement is difficult as many of the scooters are not registered as they are stolen. The Locality Lead Officer explained there is a working group looking at measures which would help to deter this type of activity. Metropolitan Housing are also looking at ways of bringing the space into more community uses.


Members asked if the police were aware of any scams occurring in the locality, the police reported they are not aware of any unusual activity in the area, but residents should remain alert to distraction scams.



Age UK Sutton

Presentation from Age UK Sutton about their 'Age Friendly Sutton' strategy, and intergenerational activity to support community cohesion.


Indicative time 20 minutes



Nicola Upton, CE Age UK, Sutton provided the presentation, and explained that Age UK, Sutton is an independent local group (a branch partner of Age UK). 


Age UK, Sutton plan to set up community clinics, these will be developed in areas of known deprivation or those which are not being reached at present, it was also explained that future  events would be planned so as not to duplicate events arranged by other groups. A key priority for the Age UK, Sutton continues to be developing relationships and working with community groups including churches and other faith groups. Age UK, Sutton recruit volunteers to support a range of activities, not only the traditional roles.    


The CE Age UK, Sutton drew attention to a scam that Age UK, Sutton had become aware of, men in the Roundshaw area impersonating Age UK, Sutton staff, this had been reported to the police.   


In discussion Members and the CE Age UK, Sutton drew attention to reported evidence of the links between loneliness and isolation and a range of health and well being issues. 


Councillor Nick Mattey joined the meeting at 7.20pm and Councillor Muhammad Sadiq joined the meeting at 7.26pm.



Parking Strategy Update for Wallington North

Parking Programme Manager to give an update on the Parking Strategy consultation results and next steps for Wallington North.


Indicative time 20 minutes




Mark Johnson, Parking Programme Manager provided the presentation.


The Parking Programme Manager explained that the team had looked at major attractors in areas such as stations, schools and hospitals, and were aware that people will walk at least 400m to these, they also considered natural boundaries. The team then looked at comments from residents made in stage 1, using this information to put forward schemes for stage 2. Every comment made by residents was read, with priority given to comments from residents. The team will take lessons learned from the earlier stages which have been completed, and use them as lessons learned as future stages of the strategy begin. The recommended timescale for the programme will be presented to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee on 20 June, and explained that the recommendations were available on the Council’s website in the report to the Committee.


The CE Age UK, Sutton asked if there had been consideration of how those without access to internet would be able to comment.  The Parking programme Manager reported that an Equality Impact Assessment had been completed, and that meetings had been held at various times of day, phone numbers provided and that the team had met groups and individuals.  Ward Councillors for Wallington North mentioned they have delivered letters to streets in Geographical area 1 about the Parking Strategy. 


In discussion members and local residents heard that Control Parking Zones (CPZ) had been in use in England for around 30 years and Parking Permit Areas (PPA)  for about 15 years. The Parking Programme Manager explained the difference between and CPZ and a PPA, and variations in signage. He agreed to add a list of Local Authorities where PPAs are in use, to the website (as a FAQ). PPAs have not been used in Sutton in the past.    


The Parking Programme Manager reported that the arrangements for residents and carers to apply for permits is on the website in the FAQs and that if a road was to be included in a new CPZ or PPA area residents would be written explaining arrangements. 




Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Schemes 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 129 KB

This report outlines the proposed schemes for inclusion in the 2020/21 bid to Transport for London (TfL) in Beddington and Wallington areas. These schemes will be included, along with other schemes from the five other local committees, to form the Borough’s annual submission.


Indicative time 20 minutes

To follow



Kevin Williams, Senior Highways Engineer presented the report.


The Senior Highways Engineer outlined the current schemes:


  • Forresters Drive: a public workshop will be held in July and include the whole area, not only the junction.  
  • Tharp Road: work will start in the summer holidays to install an experimental one-way system, before and after data will be compared to establish effect on surrounding road network.
  • Works on Park Lane will not include a zebra crossing, but work will ensure the initiative could be altered in the future, pending a successful funding bid.
  • Plough Lane: consultation with ward councillors and residents to commence once initial designs have been finalised
  • Clyde Road, Stafford Road and Onslow Gardens area: review to commence, (a local resident made Senior Highways Engineer aware of issues of parking on pavements outside shops in the section near Sandy Lane South.      


Members expressed concern about the delays in obtaining a Traffic Management Order (TMO) in Beddington Lane/Hilliers Lane, and the HGV restrictions. The Senior Highways Engineer explained that delays to the road narrowing features on Beddington Lane had been caused due to the works in Ampere Way over running, and agreed to provide an update to Councillor Tim Foster. It was noted that works to the kerbs and pavement on Beddington Lane near Commerce Way could not be completed until the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been completed.  




That the proposed schemes, as listed in the table in paragraph 4.7 of the report be supported and it be agree they be included in the submission to TfL in November 2019 for the 2020/21 programme.



Neighbourhood Grants

A presentation on how to apply for Neighbourhood Grants and Grants that have been funded since the last local committee meeting.


Indicative time 5 minutes







Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer presented the report.


There were no further questions. 



Area Improvements and Public Realm Programme pdf icon PDF 81 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a reportto the committee which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.

Indicative time 5 minutes




Additional documents:


Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer presented the report.


There were no further questions. 




1.            That £9,500 from the Local Transport Fund to install a pedestrian island in Park Lane be approved.


2.            That £12,718 from the Local Transport Fund for pedestrian improvements on London Road near its junction with Prince Charles Way be approved.


3.            That the progress of Public Realm projects as set out in appendix A, Section 2 be noted.



Recommendations tracker pdf icon PDF 145 KB

The recommendations tracker allows committee members to monitor responses, actions and outcomes against their recommendations or requests for further actions. This is updated following each committee meeting. Once an item is completed it will be removed from the tracker.

Indicative time 5 minutes





Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer presented the report.


There were no further questions. 



Any urgent business

To consider any items which, in the view of the Chair, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances (in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972).


There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the local committee will take place on Tuesday 1 October 2019.



The next meeting is on 1 October 2019.