Agenda and minutes

Bandon Hill Cemetery Joint Committee
Tuesday, 24th July, 2018 6.30 pm

Venue: Cemetery Chapel, Plough Lane, Wallington

Contact: Cathy Hayward, Committee Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990 | Email:

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Stuart Collins, Hamida Ali and Alison Butler.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 67 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 27 November 2017.


The minutes of the meeting held 27 November 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record by the Chair.



Report of the Treasurer pdf icon PDF 104 KB

This report details the financial outturn for Bandon Hill Joint Cemetery for the 2017/18  financial year.


Additional documents:


Christine Little, Senior Finance Business Partner , London Borough of Sutton presented a report showing the forecast outturn position for the financial year 2017/18.


The Senior Finance Business Partner confirmed:


The accounts report the first full year of the Idverde contract and that the £104k which was transferred to pension fund was a one off payment following the transfer of the contract to Idverde.


Members asked if it was possible that the cemetery would run out of new spaces for burials in less than the predicted 35 years. Dammie Rutter, SLWP Assistant Cemeteries Manager & Registrar, explained that it is possible but not likely that space will run out in in less than 35 years, and that plots are sold to make maximum efficiency of the space available.



The Comprehensive Income & Expenditure Account (Appendix A of the agenda), the Balance Sheet (Appendix B of the agenda) and the Movement in Reserves (Appendix C of the agenda) be approved.


The transfer of the deficit generated during the 2016/17 financial year of £44,828 to Reserves be approved.



Report of the Surveyor

Mark Dalzell, Head of Neighbourhood Services (Parks, Street Cleansing and Waste) and Andrew Chandler from Neighbourhood Services will provide a verbal update to the committee


Mark Dalzell, Head of Neighbourhood Services, provided a briefing to the Committee.


The Head of Neighbourhood Services reported:


  • Grass cutting has been suspended at present due to the dry weather. The programme of cutting has caught up following the fast grass growth earlier in the year which had led to some complaints.
  • There is a schedule of grass cutting in place which includes key dates such Mothering Sunday.
  • Hedge cutting will begin at the end of July.
  • A weed spraying programme is in place.
  • Gate locking has taken place around 8.30pm recently which is after the published closing time of 7.30pm so allows visitors time to leave.
  • Councillors reviewed photos of the toilets. It was agreed that the Head of Neighbourhood Services would request quotes for maintenance to the toilets and provide the quotes to the next meeting. Maintenance works is not part of the Idverde contract and any funding would be from the Bandon Hill Cemetery funds.
  • It was agreed the cleaning of the toilets is to an acceptable standard.  
  • The last full tree inspection was completed in July 2015, (full inspections are completed every 4 years), with the next full inspection due 2019. On going ad hoc inspections are also completed.
  • There is some damage to the shallow rooted trees, such as cherry trees, due to the dry weather.


Members asked if the Cemetery sign could be cleaned and it was agreed the request would be passed to Idverde.


Councillors asked about the condition of the deeper rooted trees in the dry weather. The Head of Neighbourhood Services reported that deeper rooted trees would probably survive the dry weather, although they may be weakened.



Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for urgency.


The Chair reported that he had received information about concerns over the state of the cemetery in June 2018.


The concerns raised were:


The Cemetery was untidy.  The Chair visited the cemetery at the time of the enquiry and noted that although the grass was long it was not unacceptable. It was also noted that the previous bins had been replaced with larger bins and some members of the public were unsure that the new bins were  for general use. The Head of Neighbourhood Services agreed he would request labels are put on the bins.


Members requested that watering cans are placed by all taps within the cemetery grounds for general use and the numbers of watering cans reviewed at the next meeting. The Cemetery Superintendent confirmed that historically watering cans had not been provided at Bandon Hill Cemetery.


The Chair had been contacted regarding a head stone being moved. The Head of Neighbourhood Services reported that on occasions headstones are moved if there are safety implications for excavations of adjoining plots, he outlined the process which includes communications to owners of adjacent plots if headstones are to be moved.


The Chair would like to record his thanks to the Bandon Hill Cemetery staff who helped him resolve these concerns.



Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Committee is to be agreed.


The date of the next meeting was agreed as Monday 26 November at 6.30pm