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Scrutiny Committee
Wednesday, 6th February, 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

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Welcome and Introductions



The Chair, Councillor Colin Stears, welcomed those present.


The Chair announced that the order of the items would be altered and item 6 would be taken as item 5


Apologies for absence and notifications of substitutes


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Elliott Colburn with Councillor Tom Drummond attending as substitute and from Councillor Neil Garratt with Councillor David Hicks attending as substitute.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 93 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 10 October 2018.

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RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meetings held on 17 October 2018 be agreed as an accurate record.


Declarations of interest


9. Epsom and St Helier Trust - Update.

Councillor Colin Stears, Non Pecuniary, his wife is employed by the Epsom and St Helier Hospital Trust.


12. Waste Scrutiny Task and Finish Group - Progress Review.

Councillor Jill Whitehead, Non Pecuniary, is a member of the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee, and was previously Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee.



Question and Answer Session with the Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee

A question and answer session from members of the Scrutiny Committee to the Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee.


Indicative time 40 minutes



Councillor Manuel Abellan attended the Committee to respond to questions in his role as Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee.


Q1 How does the Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee envisage the N1 van ban working?


The scheme would require an N1 van to be registered to an address in the permit area in order to be able to park in permit area, as is the current scheme in operation in Sutton. This policy is used in other areas nationally. The impact of this scheme in the St Helier area is being reviewed.     


Members reported that ward Councillors have had the issue raised by residents that they would be forced to either move from Sutton or to lose their job if the N1 van scheme was to be implemented. The Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee is aware of this serious issue and this and other concerns will be reviewed in detail through the results of the consultation process. 


Q2 Parking issues also relate to increased use of private transport and the pollution emanating from cars. What can we do to increase use of alternative methods of transport including use of public transport, walking and cycling?


To increase alternative methods of transport is an aspiration. There is a link in the borough between the poor public transport provision, meaning other options are limited and the high levels of use of private vehicles. The Council are working to bring a tram to the borough and improve bus provision, these decisions are not always within the Council’s control and are linked to decisions by TfL and central government.


Q3 Under the Council's Parking Strategy, how many spaces does the  Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee calculate will be available both before and after the implementation of the plans outlined in Stage 2?


In some roads every piece of kerb space is being utilised for parking, and adding bays and yellow lines will restrict availability but will improve safety and access for eg refuse trucks.  Engineers will review specific proposals on a road by road basis, this information will be available on the Council's website when it has been prepared.


The results of the consultation will be analysed to create a strategic policy, rather than looking at individual roads which was previously the case. Responses from the consultation will be reviewed for each road, and common sense applied to the analysis of the number of responses.


Q4 Can residents expect any price increases in their parking permits in the future?


Permit prices will rise in line with inflation as with other charges for services provided by the Council, the current charges are amongst the lowest charges in London.  


The Chair remarked that this was the end of the questions regarding parking.


Q5 How many street cleaners does Veolia provide in the borough, and how does this compare to the number deployed by Sutton Council before the service was outsourced?


The Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, informed the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


An update to the Committee on item 9 from Council meeting 28 January 2019


The meeting reconvened at 8.15pm 


The Chair updated the Committee on the agreement at Council 28 January 2018 that Sutton would retain the power of referral to the Secretary of State for the proposal relating to changes to acute health services in the local area.


Review of Commissioner and Provider Services for Young People’s Mental Health. pdf icon PDF 180 KB

A briefing to provide a high level overview of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) service offer and commissioning arrangements in Sutton.


Indicative time 30 minutes



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Jonathan Williams, Assistant Director, (Children's Social Care and Safeguarding), Katie Johnstone, Commissioning Lead - Living Well Independently and Dr Jeffrey Croucher, Clinical Chair Sutton CCG presented the report.


Members discussed issues of self harm, and that data and learning from work in pilot schools will be used to inform commissioning intentions. Data collated is benchmarked against national data the aim is to identify and provide support in an earlier stage of illness. Exam stress and social media are known as triggers and are both considered in the commissioning intentions.


Services are advertised on the CAMHS website, the Commissioning Lead is able to provide more information of all the platforms used to advertise the services. The support is offered to people up to age 25.


Members raised concerns that there is a need to offer these services in primary schools, the Commissioning Lead explained that the services offered in primary schools differ to that offered in secondary schools, in primary schools the services offered are tailored towards guides to parents.


Members asked if those who use online services are offered other services such as face to face, is the Commissioning Lead able to provide the numbers, and noted that not all users of the online support services wish to use face to face services.


The trailblazer pilot, that Sutton is part of, along with Merton and Wandsworth is looking to reduce self-harm by 20%.  This is in addition to existing commissioned CAMHS services.


Epsom and St Helier Trust - Update


Epsom and St Helier Trust - Brief Update on Finance and Performance pdf icon PDF 131 KB


A report prepared by Epsom and St Helier Trust regarding their finance and performance.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Additional documents:


Epsom and St Helier Trust - Brief Update on Finance and Performance


Daniel Elekes, Chief Executive Epsom and St Helier Trust presented the report.


Members asked about seasonal variations in demand for A and E services shown in the report and the drop in performance in October, and the reported  poorer performance in 2018 than in 2017. The Chief Executive explained that flu jabs provided have been effective and capacity at GPs has been higher which has supported managing demand. Staffing gaps at Epsom and St Helier Trust (ESHT) have created performance issues and recruitment remains a challenge.


Members expressed concerns about the data in the reports showing loss of patient property and the reasons for the losses, the Chief Executive agreed to provide information about this concern.


The Chief Executive explained that the levels of caesarean sections carried out at ESHT are similar to that at other hospitals.


There is an aim to reduce the vacancy rate, staffing levels in all areas of ESHT are reported three times per day, a single nurse in an area is reported as a red flag, staff are moved between areas to ensure appropriate cover of all areas.


ESHT are supporting staff to qualify as Associate Nurses, Members asked about career progression, it was noted that Nursing is a degree level entry profession, but that people are being supported to progress to qualified nurse where possible.


Waiting times are now provided to patients attending A and E on arrival, on whiteboards and by receptionists. Waiting times are variable between no wait and an hour and a half, patients are aware of expected waiting times. Money has been used to increase the numbers of beds and ambulance unloading areas.


Members asked about the workforce statutory training which is reported to have fallen below target. The Chief Executive reported that it is expected that training will have reached target by March, and that the number of vacancies has created issues in releasing staff to attend training.


Epsom and St Helier Trust - Scrutiny of Patient Transport Arrangements pdf icon PDF 129 KB

An update on the non-emergency patient transport service.


Indicative time 30 minutes



Additional documents:


Daniel Elekes, Chief Executive Epsom and St Helier Trust presented the report.


Members asked about transport arrangements for patients to attend to hospital appointments, it was noted that there is guidance about transport provision to and from hospital, and that provision is only for those not fit enough to use other methods of transport.


A  new shuttle bus route H1 which will link Epsom and St Helier hospital will start next week, this service will have a limited number of stops as it is also used by staff to travel between sites and the 293 route is being amended to pass the Rosehill roundabout.


The Chief executive explained that ESTH commission patient transport services for Sutton and Surrey Downs on behalf of the CCGs, and currently have approximately 130 staff and 64 ambulances.  ESTH have been running this service in-house since April 2018.


The new ambulances will be delivered as soon as possible, and will be on a five year lease, and contract costs will include servicing costs. ESHT have chosen to run the contact themselves as market testing showed that there was no suitable provider who would deliver the service required. Staff will be receiving the London Living wage in the future and as this is happening the quality of staff being recruited is higher. Some journeys required cover long distances, as the area covered is large.


Members and the Chief Executive noted that demand for parking is high, and that issues are caused if staff park in local roads. Measures are in place to support use of other modes of transport to reduce parking requirement. The provision of parking is expensive.


Waste Scrutiny Task and Finish Group - Progress Review pdf icon PDF 93 KB


An update to the management responses for the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee in October 2017 which has subsequently been reported to Environment and Neighbourhood (E&N) Committee in November 2017 and November 2018.


Indicative time 45 minutes.


Additional documents:


Matt Clubb, Assistant Director, Environment and Community Safety presented the report.


In August 2018 there were issues reported in waste collection, this was caused by a culmination of factors, driver leave, the changes to the Services in other parts of the partnership, (Merton and Croydon) and  the offer of higher pay by another company just to the south of the SLWP area.  The number of calls received from residents at this time resulted in issues with the reporting system. A new digital platform is being developed and this should help resolve call capacity issues, the integration between the Veolia’s echo system, any new IT/reporting system in Sutton will not result in the loss of the work completed to date.


Members and Officers are aware of a small number of locations which have ongoing problems with missed collections, and Sutton staff and Veolia are meeting to review these issues.


Members asked about the communications with residents and Members regarding monitoring of street cleaning and waste collection performance data. Members requested that they are aware of the data in order that they are able to ensure local expectations are met. The Assistant Director acknowledged there had been a delay in providing this data to Local Committees, and this was as a result of commercial discussions taking place between Sutton and Veolia, and that performance data will be an agenda item to Local Committees when the detailed figures are available. 


The Assistant Director confirmed he would be happy to return to the Scrutiny Committee in the future to update Members of the on the five items RAG rated as amber in the report.


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 57 KB

A short discussion on long list items.


Indicative time 5 minutes





Members of the committee reviewed the workplan and will inform the Chair of any additional items they wish to be included, or if they wish to amend the order of the items on the workplan. The Chair invited members to suggest thematic areas for the next meeting’s Chairs Q&A session in time for agenda planning on 27 February 2019.


Any urgent business

Urgent items at the discretion  of the Chair - To consider any items which, in the view of the Chair, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.



There was no urgent business.