Agenda and minutes

Adult Social Services and Health Committee
Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

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Welcome and introductions


Councillor Colin Stears welcomed all present to the meeting.


Apologies for absence and notification of substitutes


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Jason Reynolds.  Councillor Arthur Hookway was present as substitute.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 9 June 2015.



Councillor Jane Pascoe asked why the meeting scheduled for 15 September had been cancelled and Councillor Colin Stears explained that there were no items for consideration.


RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting are agreed as an accurate record.


Declarations of interest


No declarations of interest were made.


Adult Social Services: April to August 2015 Performance report pdf icon PDF 154 KB

This report sets out the performance for Quarter 2.


Additional documents:


With the agreement of the Committee, this item was moved up the agenda.


The report was introduced by Kim Carey, the Interim Head of Adult Social Care.  She highlighted areas of good performance and those presenting some challenge, which could be discussed at future meetings.  She welcomed comments and questions.


Councillor Moira Butt advised that a task and finish group set up a few years ago had found that transfer from hospital had been delayed due to communication issues between various agencies, and because of lack of compatibility between IT systems, and asked if this continued to be a problem.  Kim Carey confirmed that IT continues to present a challenge, but also explained other reasons for delayed transfer, such as the wait for another placement in a health setting or personal and relative choice about moving from hospital. 


With regard to the rates of carer assessments, Kim Carey updated the information shown in the report and advised that 102, not 10, carers had been assessed as eligible for services.  Councillor Jane Pascoe requested some comparative data, such as numbers of assessments offered and Kim Carey undertook to provide that information outside of the meeting. 


Kim Carey confirmed that assessments are being conducted by LB Sutton officers but that Sutton Carers Centre will also be working alongside them in order to offer informal support and advice. 


Councillor Colin Stears noted that the actual levels of carers requesting an assessment had been much lower than anticipated, not only in Sutton but across London.  Although awareness has been raised there is no clear explanation as to rate of demand.


RESOLVED:  That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee reviews the performance set out in the report.


Community Wellbeing Programme 2013-16: Closure Report pdf icon PDF 244 KB

The Committee are asked to note the closure report which details work completed and outcomes achieved as a result of the Community Wellbeing Programme 2013-2016.

Additional documents:


With the agreement of the Committee, this item was moved up the agenda.


The Executive Head of Wellbeing, Jan Underhill, introduced this report.  She explained that the programme has supported projects in six of the most deprived areas of Sutton, with the aim of assisting communities to develop sustainable projects to address gaps that they have identified, and will end on 31 March 2016.


In response to questions from Committee Members, Jan Underhill explained that the funding had been spent on staffing, not to fund community projects. Officers worked with community groups and supported them to set up projects, in order to maximise their chances of continuing in the future.  She also confirmed that the information about the methods used to support communities could be published on the LBS website, after the work has been carried out by the Community Researchers, funded to evaluate the impact of the programme, and their report is available in Spring 2016, as detailed within the report.


RESOLVED:  That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee notes work completed and outcomes achieved as a result of the Community Wellbeing Programme 2013-16, as detailed within the report.




Re-commissioning of Healthwatch Sutton pdf icon PDF 246 KB

This report sets out the context, vision, outcomes and key functions for re-commissioning Healthwatch Sutton by April 2016.


Prior to the discussion of this item, Councillor Colin Stears noted that some Committee members had received a letter from Healthwatch Sutton. Whilst acknowledging the work and value of Healthwatch, he advised that the re-commissioning of the service will be sought through the formal tender process, and Councillors were not able to comment on that process.


The report was introduced by Sam Barker, Head of Commissioning Support, who welcomed comment and questions.


RESOLVED:  That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee:


1.    Agrees to commission Sutton’s local Healthwatch via a market consultation (already undertaken) and subsequent tender process based on a three year contract with the option to extend up to a 5 year contract on a three, plus one, plus one basis to ensure financial prudence.


2.    Agrees that the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service remains a function of Sutton’s Local Healthwatch.


3.    Agrees that the appointment of the successful tenderer will be delegated to the Strategic Director of People Services following consultation with the Chair of the Adult Social Services and Health Committee.


4.    Notes the key outcomes for Healthwatch Sutton, which have been developed based on national guidance and local need, experience over the last three years and the overall financial context.










Care Act 2014 Implementation Programme Progress Update pdf icon PDF 206 KB

This report updates the committee on the developments and actions undertaken to date towards the implementation of the Care Act and requires Committee agreement.

Additional documents:


The Interim Head of Adult Social Care, Kim Carey, introduced this report and welcomed comments and questions.


A range of questions were put regarding the introduction through the Act of the entitlement for carers to undergo an assessment to ascertain if support should be given.  Alongside that entitlement, the Act permits local authorities to financially assess carers to establish if any contribution should be made towards the cost of support.  Kim Carey acknowledged the importance of the role carried out by carers in LB Sutton and how much it would cost the local authority to provide the care they provide.


With regard to the expression of interest by Sutton Housing Partnership in working up a business case for undertaking devolved statutory adult social care functions, Councillor Jane Pascoe sought reassurance that expressions of interest will be sought from a range of providers in the market.  In response, Tolis Vouyioukas confirmed that the letting of any contract will be subject to the procurement laws and processes, and officers will carry out soft market testing at a regional and national level.  Kim Carey added that a business case will be fully developed, with a range of options for consideration.


Councillor Colin Stears advised the Committee that Question 11 had been removed from the Consultation Questionnaire.  Kim Carey explained the various ways in which the consultation will be carried out. 


RESOLVED:  That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee:


1.         Notes the contents of this report; and progress made on the implementation of the Care Act;

2.         Agrees formal closure of ‘Sutton Together alternative delivery model feasibility study’;

3.         Agrees the charging policy public consultation plan including revised date for Committee as 23 March 2015 to receive feedback from consultation;

4.         Approves documentation, as amended, for public consultation.





Local Account 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 164 KB

This report presents the Local Account for 2014/15 for approval by the Committee.

Additional documents:


This report was introduced by the Interim Head of Social Care, Kim Carey, who welcomed comments and questions.


Councillor Marian Radford thanked officers for a much clearer and more user-friendly document and noted the improvement on last year’s version.


In response to query from Councillor Jane Pascoe on the data supplied on rates of carer assessments, Kim Carey explained that the information refers to last year’s performance. 


Councillor Jane Pascoe questioned the target of 30% of carers receiving an assessment.  Councillor Colin Stears noted that all carers are legally entitled to an assessment, and it would be useful to have a methodology in place regarding how that assessment is offered. Tolis Vouyioukas explained the difficulty in setting a target, given the expectation that 100% of carers be offered an assessment, but it’s a matter of choice for carers if they take up the offer.  He confirmed that the right to assessment will be made widely known and officers will carry out assessments when people come forward.


RESOLVED: That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee:


1.            Approves the 2014/15 Local Account.


2.            Agrees the proposal to refresh performance data contained in the Local Account annually and refresh the whole account every two years.



Safeguarding Adults Board's Annual Report pdf icon PDF 157 KB

This report highlights the annual progress made by the Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board and sets out priorities for action.

Additional documents:


The report was introduced by the Interim Head of Adult Social Care, Kim Carey. 


Councillor Marian Radford, as the member representative on the Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board, gave thanks to officers involved in the work of the Board, and encouraged all Members to make awareness of safeguarding part of their daily lives.


Councillor Jane Pascoe suggested that all Councillors be offered a training session on adult and child safeguarding.  Kim Carey undertook to ascertain what could be offered.


RESOLVED:  That the Adult Social Services and Health Committee notes the contents of the draft Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board’s Annual Report and the significant achievements in 2014-15.


Any urgent items brought forward at the direction of the chair, who has agreed the reason for urgency


There were no urgent items.


Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting to be agreed.





RESOLVED:  That the next meeting shall take place on 23 March 2016 at 7.30 p.m.