Agenda and minutes

Housing, Economy and Business Committee
Tuesday, 26th January, 2016 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

Contact: Susanne Wicks, Committee Support Team Leader. Tel:020 8770 6540, Email: 

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Welcome and introductions


The Chair, Councillor Jayne McCoy opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


Apologies for absence and notification of substitutes


Apologies were received from Councillor Neil Garratt.  The Chair also extended apologies from Councillor Withham who had been invited to attend.


Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made. 


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 195 KB

To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2015.


RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2015 are agreed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair. 


Local Plan: Issues and Preferred Options Consultation incorporating Sutton Town Centre Masterplan and London Cancer Hub pdf icon PDF 261 KB

A presentation and report from the Head of Development Management and Strategic Planning.


Indicative time: 20 minutes

Additional documents:


The Head of Development Management and Strategic Planning delivered a presentation on the issues and options consultation for Sutton’s new local plan. 


The Chair noted that the documents relating to the local plan are all available on Sutton’s website, but were not printed with the agenda. She pointed out that the consultation strategy had been circulated and highlighted the range of consultation activities scheduled to take place.


Both Councillor Jean Crossby and Councillor David Bartolucci thanked officers for their work on the plan so far. Councillor David Bartolucci asked how the plan would dovetail with national policies on planning and economic development.  In response, the Head of Development Management and Strategic Planning advised that the local plan must take account of national policy and legislation, and part of the process will be to ensure that planning policies are up to date.  He also noted the need to have regard to the London Plan and to meet statutory obligations such as the provision of school places. 


Executive Head of Economic Development, Planning and Sustainability noted that the aim is to maximise opportunities for growth in the borough in the ‘Sutton way’ through quality of design and infrastructure. 


In response to questions about how best to consult with residents, the Head of Development Management and Strategic Planning detailed the wide variety of ways in which consultation will take place, including social media, roadshows and attendance at meetings.  He also emphasised the intention to seek feedback from under-represented groups and young people and outlined the plans to do so.  The Chair advised that the outcome of the consultation will be reported to this committee. 


RESOLVED:  That the Housing, Economy and Business Committee:


1.            Agrees that officers undertake public consultation on:

                     i.        The Issues and Preferred Options stage of the Local Plan;

                    ii.        The draft Sutton Town Centre Masterplan; and

                   iii.        The draft London Cancer Hub Development Framework.


2.            Notes the consultation arrangements set out in the report and in Appendix G.



New Neighbourhood Plan for Belmont pdf icon PDF 263 KB

Report from Planning Officer.


Indicative time: 20 minutes

Additional documents:


Dean James, Planning Officer delivered a short presentation on the background and process of identifying, applying for and agreeing a neighbourhood plan for Belmont and South Cheam. 


Peter Mattey, Chair of the Belmont and South Cheam Neighbourhood Development Group, also delivered a presentation giving further detail on the objectives and rationale behind the application.


At the invitation of the Chair, questions were put to both the Planning Officer and Peter Mattey. 


Councillor Jean Crossby sought reassurance that the relevant residents’ association had been consulted and participated in the process. Peter Mattey confirmed that Carshalton Beeches Residents’ Association have representation on the steering group and have been fully involved.  There has been no involvement from Clockhouse, as they are not included in the designated area and will not be affected by this application.  Shanklin Village Residents’ Association are aware of the application and have been invited to meetings of the steering group.  The Chair remarked that Belmont Ward are well represented on the steering group and encouraged Peter Mattey to ensure that all wards affected are equally well represented. 


Peter Mattey confirmed that the steering group are in agreement about the exclusion of the London Cancer Hub from the planning area, and are seeking to work closely with stakeholders on the development of the site.


At the invitation of the Chair, Councillors Richard Clifton, Wendy Mathys and Simon Wales addressed the Committee.  Councillor Richard Clifton noted his support of the proposal and expressed the view that all relevant ward councillors should be involved.  Councillor Simon Wales also noted his support to the application and echoed previous comments made about ensuring adequate representation across all wards affected in the process.  Councillor Wendy Mathys asked some specific questions about the proposal that could not be answered at this stage. 


RESOLVED: That the Housing, Economy and Business Committee:


1.         Formally designate ‘Belmont and South Cheam’ as a neighbourhood planning area, in accordance with the map set out in Appendix C of this report, excluding the ‘London Cancer Hub’ (LCH) Development Framework area.


2.         Formally designate the ‘Belmont and South Cheam’ Neighbourhood Development Group’ as a neighbourhood planning forum.



Roundshaw Homes - Annual Report to Sutton Council pdf icon PDF 142 KB

A report from Metropolitan about its delivery of the Compact following transfer of the housing stock at Roundshaw to their sole ownership.


Indicative time: 15 minutes

Additional documents:


The report was briefly introduced by the Executive Head of Housing & Regeneration, who handed over to Alasdair Manson (Head of Housing, Metropolitan) and Jon Maxwell (Director of Housing, Metropolitan). 


Jon Maxwell updated the committee that an in-house repairs and maintenance service contractor will commence in early 2017 which should lead to service improvements.  He advised that Metropolitan are committed to resident involvement and aim to be fully accountable to all stakeholders.


Councillor Jean Crossby asked why just two residents’ associations are mentioned in the report, and to what extent they were involved in activities such as procurement.  Alasdair Manson confirmed that resident participation was actively encouraged but officers are guided by them.  He confirmed that they were involved in the procurement of a grounds maintenance contractor. 


Mary Burt, from Roundshaw Performance Group, advised that one of the residents’ associations mentioned in the report extends membership to any resident who wishes to join, and noted that residents tend to get involved if there is an issue or problem to be resolved.  She advised that in her view, the transfer had been very successful and services were continuing as normal.


Councillor Joyce Melican asked about the works required to balconies on some properties to ensure that homes remain secure and watertight.  Jon Maxwell confirmed the issue affects 20 properties on the Four Closes and does not present an immediate health and safety risk.


Councillor Joyce Melican asked about the possible impact of the introduction of Universal Credit and Jon Maxwell confirmed that Metropolitan are already considering the support that may be required through evaluating knowledge gained across all boroughs participating in the pilot.


Councillor Daniel Sangster asked that future reports provide a breakdown of the complaints statistics and identify any trends.  Alasdair Manson undertook to do so, and advised that most complaints relate to repairs and maintenance.


RESOLVED:  That the Housing, Economy and Business Committee notes the progress made in delivering the Compact.



Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2016/17 to 2045/46 pdf icon PDF 189 KB

A report on the updated Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2016/17 to 2045/46 from the Housing Strategy and Commissioning Manager.


Indicative time: 20 minutes


Additional documents:


The report was introduced in detail by the Housing Strategy and Commissioning Manager, who introduced Andrew Taylor, Jerry Austin, and Martin Thomas from Sutton Housing Partnership. 


The Housing Strategy and Commissioning Manager noted the lack of certainty in the future, but highlighted the possibility that there could be a stock investment shortfall of £110m over the next 30 years. 


Members of the Committee expressed their concern and dismay at the negative picture for the future, and particularly at the impact of recent government policy changes to social rents and the extension of right to buy to housing association tenants, to be funded by local authorities.  The Executive Head of Housing and Regeneration noted that there is still a lot of uncertainty about how some of the new government changes will be implemented.


Councillor David Hicks asked that a separate briefing on this matter be organised for all Conservative Councillors as soon as possible, so the appropriate representations can be made, and this request was welcomed by the Chair, who suggested that the MP for Sutton and Cheam may also wish to attend.


Andrew Taylor advised that SHP are committed to both generating income as well as making savings whilst ensuring resident priorities are protected as far as possible. 


RESOLVED:   That the Housing, Economy and Business Committee:


1.     Approves the draft HRA Business Plan 2016/17 to 2045/46 including the proposed funding arrangements, as set out in the Base Model, and the outline HRA capital programme for Years 1 to 10, as set out in Appendix J to the Plan; 

2.     Notes that Sutton Housing Partnership will carry out further work in 2016/17 in order to improve the data used for modelling stock investment needs;

3.     Notes that further work will be carried out specifically to appraise the sustainability of the Unity properties on the Clockhouse estate;         

4.     Agrees that the HRA Business Plan be published via the Council’s web site, subject to any amendments the Committee wishes to make and any further updating or minor amendments that officers consider necessary;

5.     Agrees that the HRA Business Plan modelling be updated and reported to Members at appropriate points during the coming financial year reflecting the changing picture with regard to projected Right-to-Buy income, the effects of the requirement to sell off high value vacant stock, the new build development programme, major works costs and the stock investment requirement position.



Any urgent business brought forward at the direction of the chair


No urgent items were raised.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 22 March 2016.


The next meeting will take place on 22 March 2016.