Agenda and minutes

Environment and Neighbourhood Committee
Thursday, 1st February, 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

Contact: Charles Yankiah, Committee Services Officer  Tel.: 020 8770 4990, Email:

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Welcome and introductions


The Chair welcomed all those present.



Apologies for absence and notifications of substitutes


There were no apologies for absence.



Declarations of Interests


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Minutes of last meetings pdf icon PDF 139 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meetings held on 1 November and 23 November 2017.

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 1 November 2017 and 23 November 2017 were agreed and signed as an accurate record.



Draft Cultural Framework for Sutton pdf icon PDF 142 KB

This report provides information gathered, as a result of the engagement helped to inform the framework which will progress to the drafting of a Cultural Framework for Sutton.

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Jan Underhill, Assistant Director for Wellbeing, presented the report.


Members commented that culture was hard to define, but that it needed a more  diversified approach  in Sutton to cover different population groups . The report was welcomed in setting direction and policy to enable people to engage with culture. Madeleine Barratt, Head of Libraries, informed the Committee that Sutton is looking at becoming a Cultural Enterprise Zone


A member asked about the series of community engagement meetings which took place in October 2017 as invitation only events. The Assistant Director for Wellbeing explained that they were targeted consultation meetings, spread across the Borough and with different cultural groups , looking at specific interests, as part of a first round engagement.


Members went on to discuss the financial implications of the Draft Cultural Strategy. The Assistant Director noted that costs involved in preparing the report, which included targeted engagement, were minimal and explained that the organisation running the engagement events were recommended by the GLA. The financial implications section of a report is about looking forward and any additional costs that adoption of the report would incur.


Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director for Environment, Housing and Regeneration, advised Members that discussion regarding specific financial details of the  procurement could take place outside the meeting if members wanted more information.


Members queried what the term interdisciplinary arts meant in relation to the London Cancer Hub. The Chair highlighted that the Cultural Strategy was in draft form, and the wording could be addressed following the committee.


The Head of Libraries said that this is about connecting different disciplines, science and the arts, such as art therapy.



  1. The draft cultural outline framework and roadmap as the direction of travel, at Appendix A, be agreed.


  1. The recommendation for a further draft Framework to be brought back to Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee in Summer 2018, be agreed and that this would then be followed by gathering further views from residents, through the consultation Hub.



Heritage Lottery Fund Projects pdf icon PDF 205 KB

This report sets out the issues, changes and progress of the following Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) projects:


·         Beddington Park HLF

·         Whitehall HLF

·         Glass Plate Negatives


Bill Wyatt, Technical Services Manager, presented the report in conjunction with Madeline Barratt, Head of Libraries.


Members asked for more information regarding the activities programme for Whitehall. Madeline Barratt explained that part of the funding includes the hiring of project officers, revamping the schools programme, and more activities to bring families in with appropriate marketing to advertise these.


Members asked if there was any possibility of a limited opening of Whitehall for 12 March 2018 to enable a connection with the Cheam Fair.  The Head of Libraries said it was unlikely that this would be possible.


The Chair asked what was likely to happen with a joint HLF bid with Epsom and Ewell for Nonsuch Park, bearing in mind that the HLF had changed its funding arrangements for parks, which were now incorporated with other funding streams. The Technical Services Manager said that the position had not changed beyond what was outlined in the report, and it remained to be seen if Nonsuch would qualify under the new streams.



  1. Progress made on the Beddington Park project and the potential timeline revision due to the silt drying process be noted.


  1. It be agreed to delegate authority to the Strategic Director Environment, Housing and Regeneration to agree any further adjustments to the Beddington Park Heritage Lottery Fund project designs.


  1. The revised timeline for the Whitehall project be noted, and that the museum will reopen in summer 2018 with project activities continuing until 2020.


  1. It be noted the Glass Plate Negatives phase two project will be completed in September 2018.



Local Implementation Plan Allocation 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 164 KB

This report outlines Transport for London’s (TfL’s) funding settlement to the Council for Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding in 2018/19. A description of TfL’s transport related programmes is given and how schemes were selected to be put forward for funding.

Additional documents:


Nathan Vear, Interim Head of the Joint Environment Service, presented the report.


The Chair raised concerns about the reduced government funding payments being made to TfL for roads, and commented that the reduced funding would not help the economy or infrastructure across London.


Members sought clarification on how the TfL fund was allocated for the 2018/19 LIP allocation, which was itemised in paragraph 2.4 in the report, and whether it was split into different categories of projects the money must be spent on. Ian Price, Team Leader - Strategy & Commissioning, explained that that used to be the allocation system but that was now no longer the case.


Members commented that from the report they were unclear that the schedule of works in Appendix A would be able to go ahead if there was a shortfall for some of the projects. Ian Price, Team Leader for Strategy and Commissioning, Highways and Transport confirmed that the works could go ahead and that funding in line with the schemes listed at Appendix A had been approved by TfL, subject to the two scheme adjustments listed..


Members asked further whether money can be carried over year to year. The Team Leader for Strategy and Commissioning said that TfL have stipulated that the yearly funding has to be spent during that year.


Members asked for clarification on the financial implications in reports and what decisions they related to. Neilesh Kakad, Head of Financial Engagement and Advice, explained to the Committee that the financial implications quoted in reports only relate to the decisions in the report, and not previous expenditure by officers.



  1. The changes in the LIP Settlement, from those originally indicated in the Annual Spending Submission Guidance papers issued by TfL in June 2017, and the impact the revised settlement on the delivery of the programme previously consulted be noted.


  1. It be noted further reductions will be needed to bring the work programme in line with the settlement.


  1. It be agreed to incur capital expenditure of £890,400 for the capital schemes identified in the LIP for Corridors and Neighbourhoods, £100,000 for Local LIP funding and £765,000 for Beddington North Major Scheme so that the projects can proceed. A sum of £169,000 for various revenue initiatives which has been approved for 2018/19 and is included in the revenue estimates.


  1. The specific funding circumstances attached to the profiling of the Beddington Major Scheme, as set out in paragraphs 3.9 to 3.10 be noted.


  1. It be agreed to authorise the Assistant Director Environment, Housing and Regeneration (Safer and Stronger Communities) to take all necessary steps to implement the schemes, including commencing any necessary statutory consultations.




Sutton Planned Maintenance Programme pdf icon PDF 129 KB

This report provides information relating to the Council’s corporate objective of providing a safe and sustainable highway network for businesses, residents and visitors, considerable investment in these heavily used highway assets is required to maintain them in a serviceable condition.


Nathan Vear, Interim Head of the Joint Environment Service, presented the report


Members asked in regards to paragraph 3.5 of the report, whether there was a risk of unmaintained roads over a number years costing more in the long run. The Head of the Joint Environment Service said there is always that risk, but there is an investment strategy being put together for next year’s programme.


Members asked if there would be enough funding. The Strategic Director, said that there is a capital programme and funds that could come from Strategy & Resources if necessary.


Members asked if officers were happy with the contractors, their progress with road maintenance and if we were following up with quality assurance. The Strategic Director said they were in the process of evaluating the tenders covering road maintenance and street lighting, and that quality assurance will be built into the contracts that should be awarded in the next few weeks, and there will be follow up assurance work.



  1. It be agreed to incur capital expenditure of up to £1.230m proposed highway maintenance programme for footways and carriageways for 2018/19 so that the schedule of works identified under Appendices A and B can be undertaken.


  1. It be agreed the Strategic Director for Environment, Housing and Regeneration be delegated authority make in-year changes to the prioritised planned highway maintenance programme to facilitate effective delivery and to respond in-year to emerging priorities or unforeseen events.


Review of Environment, Housing and Regeneration Fees and Charges for 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 142 KB

This report seeks approval following a review of fees and charges for various Environment, Housing and Regeneration services and provides details of existing charges and proposed increases for services.

Additional documents:


Scott Funnel, Head of Environment Commissioning, presented the report.


Members commented on increases in the length of skip licences as this could encourage fly tipping if the stay was longer. Members asked for clarification on this from officers.


Mervyn Bartlett, Group Manager for Highways and Transport explained that the Head of Highway Operations has reviewed the charges, is aware of the licence length, and the changes will decrease the administration burden on the Council. It was mentioned that the suggested length of the license was already in operation in Kingston with no reported problems.


Some members felt that the concerns raised regarding the charges for skip licenses had not been addressed adequately at the meeting.


Due to concerns, the Strategic Director therefore suggested that officers provide the committee with further information regarding the skip licences, and in the interests of time, delegated authority be given to the Strategic Director to implement any changes as result of re-consulting with the committee.


Members were in agreement that this should be added as a recommendation to be voted upon.




  1. That the variation in charges for the following services - Bulky Waste, Trade Waste, Registration Services, Sports and Leisure Management, Parks and Cemeteries, Biodiversity, Sutton Life Centre, Libraries, Heritage & Art Services, Regulatory Services and Shared Highways and Transport, be agreed.


  1. Further information be provided to the Committee in specific relation to the skip licenses, and agree delegated  authority be given to the Strategic Director to take any decisions necessary in consultation with the Chair in relation to the skip charges




Any urgent items brought forward at the direction of the Chair


There were no urgent items.