Agenda and minutes

Environment and Neighbourhood Committee
Thursday, 19th December, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

Contact: Cassie Fraser-Shanley, Committee Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990, Email:


No. Item


Welcome and introductions


The Chair, Councillor Abellan, welcomed those present. He announced that Item 8, the E&N Performance Report, has been withdrawn from the agenda and will be rescheduled for the next E&N meeting. This was due to the performance session being cancelled.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Andrew with Councillor Heron attending as substitute.


Declarations of interest


Councillor Green declared an interest in Item 7, Approval of Parks Strategy, as she was a member of the Carshalton Park Rotary Club.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 87 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 17 October 2019.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 October 2019 be agreed as an accurate record.


Proposed new parking permits for carers pdf icon PDF 141 KB

This report outlines the proposed changes to the carer permit scheme operating in Controlled Parking Zones and Permit Parking Areas across the Borough. It will provide those with a verified need for care undertaken in their home, to facilitate the parking needs of their care providers, when care is being delivered in areas where there are permit parking controls.

Additional documents:


Matthew Donaldson, Operations and Resources Manager, presented the report. 


Members welcomed the introduction of the new parking permits and feedback on the proposals was generally positive.


In response to questions, the Operations and Resources Manager clarified that the proposed permit would be able to be provided for use, by the qualifying resident, to any carer delivering care to them in their home whilst it is being delivered. If the carer also resided at the property then they, themselves, would qualify for a residents permit which would provide their vehicle with permission to park in the relevant zone/area during all controlled hours and not just whilst providing care. Should there be reports of misuse or fraudulent activity, the Council holds the right to remove the permit. It was confirmed that the proposed cost of £40 was to cover the administration costs of issuing the permit. 


Officers agreed to review the scheme in respect to those who may not be eligible for a residents permit due to reasons such as a planning condition. 


At their request, it was noted that the Conservative Group and Councillor Green dissented as to the proposed cost of the parking permits. 



  • It be agreed to introduce a new single Resident Care Permit, with terms and conditions as detailed in appendix A, subject to statutory consultation.
  • It be agreed to cease the current Individual Carer Permit.
  • It be agreed to retain the existing Organisation Carer Permit and Child Care Permit
  • It be agreed to delegate authority to the Assistant Director of Highways, Transport and Regulatory Services, in conjunction with the Chair of the Environment & Neighbourhood Committee, to implement the new scheme, subject to statutory consultation.



Waste Minimisation Strategy pdf icon PDF 135 KB

This strategy outlines the benefits to those living and working in Sutton and delivers the priorities in the council’s Corporate Plan and supports further increases in the borough’s recycling rate through enhancements to services provided.  The report also presents the new Waste Reduction and Recycling Action Plan as required by the Mayor of London.

Additional documents:


Jennifer Sibley, Acting Head of Environment Strategy, and Andrew Chandler, Head of Waste and Street Cleaning, presented the report. 


Members debated the current success of the waste collection and street cleaning service, and raised concerns around the standard of street cleaning. Officers agreed to take the concerns regarding street cleaning on board, and reminded members that the success mentioned within the report relates to the whole service, and not specifically street cleaning. 


Members requested further information about the methodology which was used in producing the figures within the report. Matt Clubb, Assistant Director of Environment and Community Safety, confirmed that he was happy to discuss this further, outside of the meeting. 



  • the council’s new Waste Minimisation Strategy and Waste Reduction and Recycling Action Plan be agreed.
  • It be agreed to submit the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan to the Greater London Authority.


Approval of Parks Strategy pdf icon PDF 176 KB

This report provides a summary of the approach taken to develop a new Parks and Open Spaces Strategy, which also includes a tree strategy and biodiversity strategy (formerly the Biodiversity Action Plan) bringing all land management information into one document and seeks approval to adopt the strategy for the Borough.  It provides details of the parks user survey carried out in 2018 and the consultation on the draft strategy completed during summer 2019.  

Additional documents:


Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks and Open Spaces, presented the report. 


In response to questions, the Head of Parks and Open Spaces clarified that a public calendar of events will be produced to ensure the parks are not overused and there will be a set of requirements which the applicant must address before booking is confirmed to ensure that biodiversity is not distressed. The Head of Parks and Open Spaces reassured members that they will continue to be informed about all events taking place in the park, other than those with under 2,000 attendees, and that these will be are included in the calendar and are able to go ahead without any further discussions. A Volunteering Coordinator would also be running a programme of volunteering opportunities, which includes working with under-represented groups to increase their engagement with the parks.  


Members discussed the proposed fees which will be imposed on charity groups wanting to use the parks for their events. It was highlighted the Council had two grants available for charity groups to apply for to cover hire costs, however it was argued that this could be inconvenient for smaller charity groups who had limited capacity to complete further administrative tasks.  


Councillor Shields proposed, and Councillor Stoneman seconded, a resolution to protect all existing parks and open spaces in perpetuity, and for the London Borough of Sutton to ‘never sell off nor develop one square foot’ of the Borough’s parks as they exist today. This proposed amendment to the report was rejected by 6 votes to 4.



  • The Parks and Open Spaces Strategy be agreed and the Action Plan adopted.


Update on the publication of performance data relating to the waste collection and street cleaning contract with Veolia pdf icon PDF 121 KB

Sutton Council is successfully maintaining its focus on managing its resources effectively in order to deliver the new corporate plan ‘Ambitious for Sutton.  This report provides an update in relation to the publication of performance information for the Veolia contract which will enable greater visibility of the performance and monitoring of this contract by this committee through the performance sessions.   


Matt Clubb, Assistant Director of Environment and Community Safety, presented the report. 

RESOLVED: that the update on the performance information for the Veolia contract provided in section 4 of the report be noted.


Any urgent business

To consider any items which, in the view of the Chair, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances (in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972).


Councillor Shields asked why the agenda did not include an update about the zero carbon plan. The Chair confirmed that the public engagement activities, which would help to develop the plan, had been rescheduled for the new year due to previously falling in the purdah period. It was confirmed that the zero carbon plan will be brought to the June committee meeting. 


The Chair gave thanks, on behalf of the committee, to Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director - Environment, Housing and Regeneration who is leaving her position at the London Borough of Sutton after 8 years of service.


The Chair also thanked members for their work on the committee over the past year.