Agenda and minutes

Strategy and Resources Committee
Monday, 11th April, 2016 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA

Contact: Alexa Coates, Head of Committee and Management Support  Tel: 020 8770 5094 | Email:

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Tim Crowley, Steve Penneck, Marian Radford and Jayne McCoy. Cllrs Nighat Piracha, Arthur Hookway and Nick Emmerson attended in the places of Steve Penneck, Marian Radford and Jayne McCoy respectively.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 138 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2016 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the chair.


Any items the Chair deems urgent


There were no urgent items. The chair notified the committee that the order of business would be varied from that set out on the agenda as items 7 Housing needs, homelessness and support brokerage services – local authority trading company (LATC) and item 9 Use of retained right to buy receipts would be taken first.


Housing Needs, Homelessness and Support Brokerage Services - Local Authority Trading Company ("LATC") pdf icon PDF 197 KB

This report sets out proposals for the governance arrangements for the Council and the LATC and its support service subsidiary and formally recommends the setting up of the Shareholder Board in the Council’s constitution.


Additional documents:


The committee considered a report outlining the governance arrangements for the proposed local authority trading company (LATC) following a decision by the committee in December to agree the business case. Members queried the legal costs for establishing the LATC and discussed how to ensure effective member oversight of the arrangements.


The Executive Head of Housing and Regeneration agree to write to Cllr David Hicks setting out the recruitment process for the external non-executive director.




1.    That authority is delegated to the Opportunity Sutton Ltd Sub-Committee to act as the Shareholder Board for the LATC.


2.    That the indicative framework of the LATC company documentation set out in the report is noted and delegates authority to the Opportunity Sutton Ltd Sub-Committee the finalisation of all documentation as necessary, including the articles of association, shareholder’s agreement, commissioning agreement and the service level agreements for ‘back-office’ services.


3.    That authority is delegated to the Opportunity Sutton Ltd Sub-Committee for the establishment of a support service subsidiary and approvals incidental to the setting up of the subsidiary.


4.    That the amendment to the governance structure in relation to the directors of the LATC as set out in paragraph 4.3 of the report be noted and that Simon Latham, non-executive director (LBS Internal), Nick Ireland, non-executive director (LBS internal), Michael Mackie, non-executive director (LBS internal), Roger Mills, non-executive director (external), 1 x non-executive director (external, to be appointed) 1 x LATC executive director (to be appointed) be appointed to sit on the LATC Executive Committee.



Use of retained Right to Buy receipts pdf icon PDF 163 KB

A report was presented to the Strategy and Resources Committee regarding new build council housing – proposals for future development on 7 July 2014. Members authorised officers to take all necessary steps to ensure that re-investable (net) Right-to-Buy receipts are applied to new build council housing. This report updates Members on the issues surrounding the spend of those receipts and makes recommendations for future spend.


Additional documents:


The committee considered a report updating members on the issues surrounding the spend of right to buy receipts and seeking an approved approach to future spend. Members discussed whether the re-investable receipts had to be spent within the borough. Officers confirmed that they would further explore options, particularly with colleagues within the South London Partnership, for spend outside of the borough.




1.    That the Strategic Director, Environment, Housing and Regeneration, in consultation with Strategic Director of Resources, is delegated authority to enter into grant agreements with registered providers or other bodies, to provide affordable housing in return for right to buy receipts.


2.    That suitable Housing Revenue Account (HRA) sites be disposed of to, registered providers or other bodies to deliver new affordable housing



Market Development Strategy 2015-20 pdf icon PDF 171 KB

Setting out the Council's strategy to shape, influence and manage markets for commissioned services in Sutton.


Additional documents:


Members considered a report proposing a Market Development Strategy for 2016-2021. Members commented that in relation to health and social care the Council needed to consider its commissioning objectives along with other partners.





That the Council-wide adoption of the Market Development Strategy (to be reviewed by the LBS Commissioning Board as part of the annual commissioning planning cycle) be agreed as set out in Option 1 of the report.



The Growth Agenda: London, the South London Partnership and the London Borough of Sutton pdf icon PDF 167 KB

The aim of this report is to give members an update on our work as members of the South London Partnership (SLP); alert them to current and proposed streams of work; to note the overall direction of the devolution agenda in South London; and to agree our continued approach to working within the SLP and how we might prioritise it across the council. In addition, the recent peer challenge review of the council conducted by the Local Government Association (LGA) suggested that the council needed to foster a greater understanding of sub-regional arrangements and priorities amongst members, and this paper aims to rectify that.


Additional documents:


The committee considered a report updating on the work so far in relation to the South London Partnership (SLP) and seeking approval for the Council’s continued approach. Members discussed how member oversight of the SLP would be effective and how this would fit with the Council’s current committee structure. Officers highlighted recommendation 2.5 which sough authority to review what change would be required to pursue the devolution agenda.




1.    That members endorse the current and proposed streams of work undertaken by the SLP.


2.    That the council continues to investigate the possibilities raised by sub-regional working - in particular, the ability to unlock money and explore deepening partnerships with public sector (and other) bodies.


3.    That the council undertakes a review of scrutiny committee responsibilities to ensure that members can better oversee and scrutinise the work of the SLP.


4.    That, working with the SLP, the council reviews the sub-region’s working with the relevant Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and proposes a strategy that optimises future collaboration between the council and the business community.


5.    That members authorise officers to review the institutional changes that may be needed to better equip the council to pursue this agenda and to bring back proposals as appropriate: e.g. reconfiguration of committees and internal officer structures; extended opportunities for members to engage in the sub-regional agenda; extended delegated authority to senior officers on partnership bodies; extended remit for the corporate core to coordinate and drive the council's corporate priorities; greater emphasis on place-based outcomes across the full remit of council and other partner responsibilities; reconfiguration of the existing Corporate Plan.





Admittance of the London Borough of Wandsworth into the Legal Shared Service pdf icon PDF 161 KB

Consideration of the London Borough of Wandsworth joining the South London Legal Partnership


The committee considered a report which sought agreement to admit the London Borough of Wandsworth to the South London Legal Partnership (SLLP).




That the London Borough of Wandsworth Council are admitted to join the South London Legal Partnership.




Mayoralty Review pdf icon PDF 178 KB

Summarising the findings of the Mayoralty Review and proposing some guidelines for the civic office.


Additional documents:


The committee considered a report setting out recommendations for support to the civic office. Members commented on the importance of the role of the Mayor as first citizen of the borough and supported the proposal that flag raising events in the borough would continue if volunteer organisations did not come forward to support these events.




1.    That a civic handbook and formal induction programme for new Mayors and Deputy Mayors be developed based on the principles identified in this report. This handbook will be reviewed periodically.


2.    That the Committee and Management Support Service will provide support to the Mayor in promoting the civic office, including through twitter, facebook and a Mayoral blog on the Council’s website.


3.    That the Mayor is encouraged to focus their activities on attending events which benefit the residents of the borough.


4.    The Mayor and Council Officers will no longer host or attend international town twinning events, and the town twinning grant will be removed from April 2016.


5.    That the Council continues to support the Mayor’s attendance at the borough’s Remembrance Sunday service hosted on a rotation basis at different churches around the borough.


6.    That volunteer organisations in the borough are approached to help support flag raising events in the borough.


7.    That the Committee notes and supports the fact that the majority of the Mayor’s charity events are supported through a Charity Committee and that the Council will provide an officer resource to help organise up to three of the Mayor’s charity events per annum, with any other events arranged solely by the Charity Committee.


8.    That the Committee recognises the importance of civic tradition and the Mayor is encouraged to attend significant civic events outside of the borough which may include the following: the Civic Service with the Lord Mayor of Westminster, the London Mayors’ Association New Mayors’ Induction Day, The Queen’s Annual Garden Party and the Annual Whittington Walk, the New Year’s Day Parade and the Lord Mayor’s Show.


9.    That the Mayor is encouraged to prioritise other Mayoral charity events in the adjoining boroughs and districts.


10.  That a 1,000 hours per annum limit is set for use of hired vehicles by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor combined to be monitored on a monthly basis.


11.  The number of main civic receptions organised by the civic office on behalf of the Mayor will be a maximum of 12 per annum.


12.  That the Mayor will no longer invite Councillors to the Mayor’s parlour following Council meetings and that alcohol will only be served at receptions on limited occasions.


13.  Officers will explore whether any voluntary support to the civic office can be sought including charity administration and promotion of the civic office.


14.  That the Mayor’s additional expenses allowance be reduced to £12,000 per annum, £2,000 of which will be available to the Deputy Mayor.