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Strategy and Resources Committee

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Information about Strategy and Resources Committee

The Strategy and Resources Committee exercises any function not delegated to another Committee, an officer or reserved to full Council. In particular it makes recommendations concerning the Council’s budget to full Council. The Committee will also carry out those statutory and non-statutory functions falling within its area of responsibility as set out below, working within the budget and policy framework previously approved by Council, except where such functions remain reserved to the Council or have been delegated to any other Committee within the Council’s Scheme of Delegation. The Committee will recommend to full Council new, or changes in previously approved, policies as well as making joint arrangements or delegating decision making to Strategic Directors. However, this does not prevent that Committee from choosing to exercise the function itself. 


Areas of responsibility include:


·         Appointments to Outside Bodies

·         Business and Financial Planning

·         Compulsory Purchase Orders

·         Constitutional Issues

·         Corporate Communications

·         Customer Services

·         Electoral Services

·         Emergency planning and business continuity

·         Finance

·         Health and Safety (internal)

·         Human Resources and Equalities

·         ICT

·         Legal and Democratic Services

·         Local Ombudsman Investigations

·         Member Development

·         Overall strategic direction of the Council

·         Oversight of Major Programmes and Projects

·         Performance Management

·         Property and Asset Management

·         Public Health

·         Safer Sutton Partnership

·         Strategic Partnerships


And specifically


1.            To make recommendations as appropriate on matters reserved to Full Council for decision, including the budget and policy framework.


2.            To be responsible for decision making in respect of the Council's services and activities other than those specifically delegated to other committees.


3.            To be responsible for the allocation between committees of annual budget control totals, information technology, property and other resources.


4.            To review the use of resources by committees and to agree in-year variations to capital and revenue estimates between committees in excess of £250,000 capital and £500,000 revenue and within the overall budget framework.


5.            To agree the delegation of its functions to other committees.


6.            To consider and respond to reports or recommendations from the Scrutiny Committee.


7.            To make appointments to outside bodies.


8.            To consider Local Ombudsman investigations.


9.            To make a Compulsory Purchase Order.


10.         To consult other committees as appropriate in the formulation and development of programmes and plans.


11.         To be consulted by other committees on any issues raised relating to the performance and provision of services.


12.         To agree the acquisition and disposal of land where the value is in excess of £1million


The Strategy and Resources Committee may delegate a function to another committee, make joint arrangements or delegate to senior employees.  However, this does not prevent the Committee from choosing to exercise the function itself.