Agenda item


Presentation by Savills on their current plans for the Felnex Trading Estate.


Indicative times: Presentation: 15 minutes/Questions: 5 minutes


Neil Rowley, from Savills, agents for the owners of the estate, gave a presentation and handouts were circulated, which were available on their website.


Neil Rowley explained hat he had been working with the council on the principle of replacing the Felnex Trading Estate with a more mixed used solution for a number of years.  Many of the buildings were now empty; with some of them reaching the end of their useful life, they needed to be replaced and it was generally time for the estate to be regenerated.


The three main parts to the proposals were:


  • Hackbridge Hub
  • The Neighbourhood
  • The Business Forest


The Hackbridge Hub would provide additional retail and leisure facilities to complement those that already exist in the town.  There would be a new supermarket, shops and a community building to house a GP surgery.  At the centre of the hub would be a public square to provide space to hold public events and attractions, such as visiting markets.  There would also be an opportunity for public art.


The Neighbourhood would predominantly be given over to 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses but would be a mix of housing types including apartments, penthouses, maisonettes and family houses.  ‘Affordable’ housing would also be provided.


The Business Forest would be a predominantly employment area with offices and workshop/studio space aimed at mainly small and start up businesses, although with flexibility to provide for larger units, if required.  It would be set in a green environment, with high quality planting and productive landscaping with opportunities for fruit growing and picking.  There would also be residential space above some of the employment units in order to enable a mix of uses and activity at evenings and weekends.


Neil Rowley advised that a public consultation had taken place, and was still open for comment, which had resulted in an overwhelming positive response to the principle of the development for mixed use.


A question was asked as to how much dialogue with borough planners had taken place or had Neil Rowley used their own planning advisors?


Neil Rowley informed that he was the planning advisor and had attended meetings on the principle of the scheme and the core strategy as a mixed used site.  He had received supporting comments from council officers who would like to receive feedback from the public consultation.


Various questions were raised and answered as follows:


  • It was not known how many properties would be socially rented, shared ownership or privately owned
  • Planning application to be submitted within the next couple of months.
  • Hackbridge Primary School did not want to be included in the proposals, but a new entrance would be provided adjacent to the site to provide access from the main part of the scheme
  • Concerns regarding large buildings would be considered in any detailed design
  • Issues of installing additional windows to be dealt with in the design and layout of buildings
  • Plot 9 would be extra care apartments for elderly people in need of care and noise levels would be considered.
  • Supermarket would be of a small size
  • Consultation with further groups would be carried out
  • Traffic impact assessment had been undertaken but it is proposed to be an ongoing process
  • Nightingale Road would be discussed with traffic consultants
  • It was not envisaged that the scheme would commence for at least two years
  • Car parking issues would be looked at
  • Different methods of publicity to a wider audience would be considered in any future consultation.


            Resolved:  (i) To thank Neil Rowley for his informative presentation.


(ii) To note that further copies of the Felnex – Emerging Masterplan could be obtained from Neil Rowley at Savills by e-mailing or by contacting Linda Fisher on 020 8770 5091, e-mail: or by writing to Democratic Services, Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA.


(iii) That a further public meeting with councillors and residents from a wider area would be organised.