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public realm projects

Decision on which items to investigate further for 2010/11 allocation.


[Indicative time 15 minutes]


Malcolm Barker, Lead Locality Officer presented a report to the Committee which advised that the committee had already been allocated £111,000 public realm funding for 2010/11. It was noted that members had agreed to release £17,000 of this allocation for the Elms Pond project and residents had been invited to put forward their suggestions about how to spend the remaining £94,000, at the last meeting.


Members noted that since the last meeting the Council had agreed to increase the public realm funding being made available to the six local committees for 2010/11 by a total of £150,000 and to make an additional £100,000 available for transport related projects. How much of the increase to be allocated to this committee was yet to be confirmed but would be reported back to the next meeting.


The Council was also planning to make a further £500,000 public realm funding and £100,000 for transport related projects available across the six local committees in 2011/12.


The Chair advised that feedback on suggested projects had been brought forward to enable this Committee to have a steer in what would be going ahead.  Each Ward had been asked to champion a project.  Ward Councillors advised as follows:


Wallington North        – Flint Wall on the closed churchyard in Church Road.

Beddington South      – Mellows Park Pavilion and replace infant playground                      equipment.

Wallington South       – Open up the Stage area at Orchard Hill College.

Beddington North      – Flint Wall and to take out the benches at Plough Lane.


Councillor Bailey advised that whilst the report on the flint wall noted the presence of a Rusty back Fern, it did not highlight that it was rare for this plant to be found in a location to the East of England, although it was more common in regions in Western England.


Councillor Leach suggested that the Rusty Back Fern be transplanted to a more suitable site as it was damaging the wall. Councillor Bailey said that it was the Ivy, not the Fern damaging the wall and it should be preserved in situ, as it required the lime in the wall to survive.


Councillor Wallis enquired how the flint wall had been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair as it was the responsibility of the LB Sutton to maintain it.


Resolved: (i) To note the report, the feedback provided on suggested projects, the information on the flint wall on the closed churchyard in Church Road and the list of projects from Friends of Beddington and Grange Parks.


(ii) To note the additional funding made available for 2010/11 and 2011/12.


(iii) To note the projects each ward had suggested, which left £39,000 for other projects, and that Malcolm Barker investigate costs for these projects and bring them back to a future meeting for final decision.


(iv) That £20,000 be made available for repairing the flint wall on the closed churchyard in Church Road, Beddington Park to attract match funding from Virador.


(v) That Parks Section provide a response about the Council’s responsibility for maintaining the flint wall.


(vi) That it be stressed that the flint wall was possibly the only site in London which had the Rusty Back Fern.


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