Agenda item

Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for the meeting.  The time allowed will be at the discretion of the Chair.


Indicative timing:  15 minutes


Councillor Marlene Heron welcomed questions about local issues not otherwise covered on the agenda.  Where a question could not be answered immediately, a response will be sought and issued after the meeting. 


Peter Scouse (Sutton Resident)


1.    The temporary hoardings erected at the Burger King site restrict the public footpath.  How long will they be in place and can they be moved back?

2.    Developers have purchased the public house next door to the Burger King site and it is currently being used as a site office.  Given it is a listed building, do LBS officers have a view on the future of the building?

Response to be supplied after the meeting.


Mr M Sadiq (Sutton Resident)


1.    Can the bus stop outside the former Burger King site be suspended for health and safety reasons on the pavement and because it causes traffic jams?

2.    Could LB Sutton deploy Environmental Enforcement Officers at Sutton Green in order to prevent litter being dropped?

3.    Can CCTV be installed at the end of Oakhill Road to cover the bus stop and shops at Sutton Green?

Response to be supplied after the meeting.


Chris Carter, (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents’ Association)


At the January meeting of this committee, I asked if public consultation would take place regarding the possible construction of a new school at Rosehill Park West, and I was advised that a meeting would be arranged following the election and the outcome of the feasibility study into both that site and the Sutton Hospital site.  Could I have an update on progress.


Reply from Councillor Ruth Dombey


The application from Greenshaw Learning Trust to open a new secondary school has been accepted by the Education Funding Agency, so the decision on the location of the new school will not be made by LB Sutton.  The Greenshaw Learning Trust will submit a planning application for their preferred site in due course.


Chris Carter


I regret that there will be no consultation with stakeholders about the location of a new school. 


Councillor Marlene Heron noted those comments. 


Mrs Trumble (Sutton Resident)


The trees outside my house are over 10’ high and I would like them to be removed as they look horrible and leave a mess on the street.  The leaves are not cleared from the pavement and people slip on them.


Reply from Councillor Vincent Galligan


The trees to which you refer are on Sutton Housing Partnership land.  They have pruned the trees at our request, but trees are not normally removed unless they are diseased. 


Councillor Marlene Heron undertook to approach Sutton Housing Partnership about the need to clear the leaves on a more regular basis.


Brenda Cook (Sutton Resident)


One resident of Rectory Road is very unhappy about the recent planting of a tree outside her property.  Can the tree be moved to outside 37 Rectory Road? 


Reply from Councillor Ruth Dombey


I am aware of this resident’s concerns.  The trees were planted in response to a petition raised by residents of Rectory Road.  The location of the tree pits were restricted due to cabling and utilities in the road, and outside number 37 is not a suitable location. 


Peter Struick (Sutton Resident)


Is there any news on the reinstatement of the bus countdown at Sutton Station?


Reply from Councillor Simon Wales


I chair the Sutton Gateway Project Board.  Southern and Network Rail have undertaken to install a countdown inside the station, adjacent to the old and new entrance/exits, and I understand the displays are on their way.  The countdown at the two bus stops outside the station await the installation of cabling by Transport for London and it is hoped that work will be complete by Christmas.


Paul Nathan (Benhill Residents’ Association)


Can the A3 bus go back to stopping on the main road by the station. 


Reply from Councillor Simon Wales


The A3 bus stops for longer than normal bus services, so it now stops at the Quadrant behind Sutton Station, where there is more space and less disruption to traffic.  I will ascertain if the A3 Bus is stopping at the Quadrant as it is supposed to, and take up the issue with National Express if required.