Agenda item

public question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative time: 15 minutes



1.    Elizabeth Bennett reported a problem with reporting a pothole on the Council’s website.  She asked if the requirement for a postcode location could be changed as residents did not always know a postcode.  She also had password problems and was unable to change it.  Councillor Bourne undertook to take this forward and also explained that residents could report such things through their ward councillors.


2.    Sheila Hillman stated that whilst it was good to have Church Hill Road open again the road humps were non-existent and speeding had increased.  The Transport Planning and Programme Manager undertook to have the humps measured to make sure they were the correct dimensions given to the contractor.


3.    A resident from D’Arcy Road explained that D’Arcy Road was the preferred cut through from traffic from the A217 and Malden Road when Church Hill Road was closed and that there had been many scrapes due to the narrowness of the road.  He said that all feeder roads to Church Hill Road should also be considered for 20mph limit.    The Transport Planning and Programme Manager explained that there were diversion signs to Priory Road and that the Council could not be held responsible for drivers ignoring these signs and causing damage to cars in D’Arcy Road.  Councillor Broadbent also pointed out that 20mph for feeder roads to Church Hill Road was on the Local Implementation Plan reserve list.


4.    Chris Price asked why there was a limit of six bags at the waste and recycling centre.  Councillor Bourne explained that this was to prevent small tradesmen, who could also be residents, from dodging paying for their waste.


There were three written questions submitted prior to the meeting that had received responses:


5.    Richard Johnson had requested that more bins be located in the area around Green Lane as the two that had been provided were not sufficient.  The Chair requested that Mr Johnson give details of locations to him and he would arrange for their delivery.


6.    Chris Price had asked if the barrier in Ridge Road should be removed as it would take some traffic off Gander Green Lane? 


Highways officers responded that Ridge Road was closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles in July 1989. The road was closed only after a statutory consultation had been successfully undertaken and a traffic management order had been made, a locked gate and bollards were then introduced. To remove the closure a statutory consultation would have to be undertaken and the traffic management order would have to be revoked.  Only after this process had been successfully completed could the locked gate and bollards be removed. 


I?t? would be very surpris?ing?  if the majority of residents along Ridge Road would back the removal of the closure, it would also be highly likely that the Council c?ould receive considerable objections to the proposals on grounds of an increased probability of a road traffic incident. This would mean that the traffic management order could not be revoked, and that the barrier could not be removed.  If the committee wish to proceed, officers would recommend that an informal engagement is undertaken with the residents of Ridge Road to gauge opinion. This engagement could be used to inform the committee of the residents’ appetite for change, prior to seeking committee approval to commence the statutory consultation process to revoke the traffic management order.  The informal engagement, statutory consultation, traffic management order, and the removal of the barrier and bollards would cost up to £10k.


7.    Chris Price wrote: On Monday the 22nd there was a burst mains water pipe in Gander Green Lane. The road has been closed for a week now, lovely & quiet!  Residents and I believe that this burst pipe is due to the very heavy vehicles using the road.  How many more pipes will burst before action is taken?  Also a manhole cover has been broken outside of 465 Gander Green Lane due to an HGV mounting the pavement. These indicate that there is some credence to our request for a link road despite the cost. Certainly we need immediate action on signage!  When will this happen? 


Highways Officers responded that: The signage issue was reviewed by officers and this appears to refer to the London Lorry Controls. The signs relating to the London Lorry Controls were put up by Transport for London (TfL) and they are maintained by TfL. The enforcement is undertaken by London Councils.