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Sutton Hospital site

A presentation from the Sutton for Life Development Framework Consultants.


Indicative timing:  15 minutes.



The Head of Information and Pupil Based Commissioning, Kieran Holliday gave a brief recap on the information he presented to the Committee on 23 April regarding the provision of a new secondary school in the borough. He reported that since the last meeting, the EFA have assessed the two potential sites, and have identified the Rose Hill site as the preferred location for the new school.  The EFA will now begin to engage with LB Sutton and prepare a planning application for the site. 


A presentation was delivered by the Executive Head of Economic Development, Planning and Sustainability, Eleanor Purser, and a representative from Haptic and Nordic Architects and Belinda Boerkamp the Partnership Community Engagement specialist regarding the plans for the Sutton Life Centre.  The presentation is available on LB Sutton’s website. All of those making the presentation emphasised the intention to consult as widely as possibly with residents and invited community representatives to nominate someone to sit on the Sutton for Life Challenge Panel. 


Peter Mattey welcomed the proposals to consult but expressed the ambition that his organisation is involved in formulating the approach to engagement particularly given the application to become a Neighbourhood Forum. He commented that the summer is not an ideal time for initial consultation


In response to a question from a representative from the Sutton Hospital Action Group, regarding the possible construction of an 800 bed hospital on the site, Amanda Cherrington, the Head of Economic Renewal and Regeneration, advised that she had discussed the matter with a Director of Communications at the Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust and had been told that they are committed to working in partnership with the Council and other partners.  The NHS Trust is exploring all options for the site and will consult over the summer to explore options for the site, within the financial constraints in place. 


Councillor Jane Pascoe updated the Committee on the demolition proposals for the site.  She advised that at a recent meeting involving various officers, and Councillors David Hicks and Tony Shields, it had been confirmed that subject to planning no trees would be removed or damaged due to demolition, and there would be minimal disruption to local residents. There will be four transport movements on site; two asbestos contractors and two demolition contractors, with crushing taking place for 12 hours per day between September and December.  The Ophthalmology Department will move off site prior to the start of the demolition. Councillor Clifton noted his role as Chair of the Planning Committee and that the discussion today should not prejudice the decision of that committee in due course.


Councillor David Hicks noted that he was glad to hear of a uniform approach to a site that has been subject to piecemeal development over the years, and asked that the final design fits local and community need.


Councillor Tony Shields encouraged all present to participate in the consultation through the various routes outlined in the presentation and requested that community representatives formally appoint a spokesman to sit on the Challenge Panel, and that this be reported back at the next meeting of this Committee.

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