Agenda item

Report of the Treasurer


Jean Stevenson, the Treasurer, introduced her report and responded to questions and comments raised.


With regard to the distribution of surplus balances, Councillor Philip Jones noted that the figures suggest that there is more surplus to distribute than the amounts shown in the report.  Jean Stevenson described the need to approach in-year surplus with caution prior to the end of the financial year, and advised that the sums can be reconsidered after that. 


At the request of Councillor Candida Jones, Jean Stevenson explained the formula for calculating the distribution of surplus balances and noted that this is set by legislation. 


RESOLVED:  That the North East Surrey Crematorium Board


1.            Approves the revised annual budget for 2015/16

2.            Approves the annual budget for 2016/17

3.            Approves the estimates.

4.            Authorises payments to be made within the approved estimates.

5.            Approves that, from 1 January 2016, the standard cremation fee be increased to £545, that a new charge of £262 be introduced for a service before 10 am, and that supplementary cremation charges and memorial fees be increased, as set out in Appendix 11 to this report.

6.            Agrees that £100,000 of the surplus balances be distributed to the three constituent authorities in 2015/16.

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