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Beddington Park Heritage Lottery - Parks for People Fund

This report provides an update of the Beddington Park project and seeks agreement to delegate authority to the Strategic Director Environment Housing and Regeneration, in consultation with the Chair of Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, to submit the final bid to ensure the project proceeds to the timetable.


Bill Wyatt, the Assistant Parks Manager presented a report to update the committee on the progress of the Beddington Park Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Stage Two bid, and he gave a presentation detailing the proposed project. The bid would be submitted in February 2016 for £2,952,700, which included Council matched funding of 10%.


Mr Wyatt noted that the project had five themes which he outlined namely 1) Access 2) Activities 3) Wildlife 4) History and 5) Lakes and Waterways.  The HLF project had been a pilot for citizen led commissioning to develop these themes and it had gained much volunteer support through the Friends of Beddington Park. The bid was overseen by a Steering Group of Friends, local groups, officers and members, and was chaired by John Dodwell.  Mr Wyatt outlined plans for the final HLF bid including working with volunteers on the 5 year project, and proposals for the lake, the stock pond, the Grange Garden and the London Road Boundary. The final designs would be completed once the outcome of the bid was known.


Councillor Pathumal Ali (Beddington North) addressed the Committee, expressing the importance of Beddington Park as a sub regional park used by many local people both in Sutton and in neighbouring boroughs.  She also highlighted the need to manage expectations about what can be delivered within the budget, should our HLF bid be successful. John Dodwell (Chair of the Steering Group) discussed how silt will be removed from the lake and reused in the park, and how the lake and water areas will be remodelled.  Councillor Sunita Gordon (Wallington North) reminded the committee that this project crossed two wards and expressed her thanks to Bill Wyatt and John Dodwell for their hard work on the HLF project bid.


Questions were raised regarding the biodiversity aspects of the HLF bid, and Bill Wyatt reminded the Committee that heritage included natural heritage.  Efforts will be made to enhance biodiversity through new planting, as well as ensuring that healthy existing trees and other specimens will remain in situ. Community planting events will be organised in order to encourage the public to look after and respect the park.  Bill Wyatt also confirmed that users of the park will be encouraged to travel sustainably, by leaving their cars at home where possible, and a travel plan will be developed.


Councillor Tony Shields asked if air monitoring in Beddington Park would be routinely carried out, given the proximity to the Beddington Lane waste management facility.  The Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration noted that the entire borough was an air quality action zone, and information on how the air quality was monitored was previously brought to this Committee, and was available on the Council’s website. 


RESOLVED that the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee:


1.             Notes the works to Beddington Park as detailed at 4.1 to 4.12 of the report.

2.             Agrees that the final sign off for the application to the HLF and any other minor decisions arising during the development works, are delegated to Strategic Director, Environment, Housing and Regeneration, in consultation with the Chair of Environment and Neighbourhood Committee before the final submission in February 2016, and if successful to commence project implementation.


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