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Report of the Surveyor


Prior to the discussion on this report, the Board members viewed the new cremators and cremulator.  They also received a demonstration from Wesley Music regarding the provision of music and other audio-visual presentations for services.


The Surveyor presented his report in depth and Board members asked questions and made comment as appropriate.  The Surveyor also introduced Mark Ferguson, Design Services Project Manager for LB Wandsworth who was present to deal with any questions relating to repairs, maintenance and other similar issues.


With regard to the provision of internet based music to funeral services, the Surveyor explained that the presentation was given in order to demonstrate to the Board the range of services on offer.  He explained that the decision for the Board is to proceed with the procurement of a music service, to which Wesley will be entitled to submit a bid.  Whilst acknowledging the concerns of the Board about the possible cost impact on users, he noted that the decision about whether to charge customers for the service is not to be made at this stage.  Councillor Claire Clay asked that officers ascertain how music is provided by Lambeth Crematorium.


The Surveyor outlined the plans to introduce a children’s Book of Remembrance.  He confirmed that the bereaved will be under no pressure to take up the service and it will not be actively marketed.  It was requested that he feedback on levels of take up of the service in the future.


At the request of the Board, the Design Services Project Manager undertook to bring a report to the next meeting providing more detail on the lighting at the crematorium, including the lifetime of energy saving bulbs, the costs of replacing lighting and the cost savings to be made over time.


The Surveyor outlined three options for the provision of green energy to the buildings.  The Design Services Project Manager undertook to produce a full report to the next meeting of the Board, outlining the options available, including details of any feed-in tariffs.


With regard to performance at the crematorium, the Surveyor recorded his thanks to all staff and contractors involved in the replacement of the cremators, and those thanks were echoed by the Chair of the Board. 


RESOLVED:  That the North East Surrey Crematorium Board agrees


1.            That officers carry out a procurement process to obtain associated costs for the provision of an internet based music system. 


2.            The expenditure of around £4000 for a children’s Book of Remembrance, to be placed adjacent to the current Book of Remembrance.


3.            That officers proceed with further investigations into the installation of energy saving ideas for the crematorium.


4.            That Board members advise both the Chair and the Surveyor of any local charity they would like to benefit from the recycling of metals donation.

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