Agenda item

Report of the Surveyor


The Surveyor presented his report in depth and Board members asked questions and made comment as appropriate. 


A discussion was had in regards to the accident which had taken place during the winter period, which the insurance were currently assessing. It was raised that this is the only accident of this type to their knowledge, but that there may be signage required in future during periods of inclement weather to warn of areas which are not gritted.


The Surveyor outlined the details of the internet based music system discussed at the previous meeting. Councillor McKinney asked if this would affect the organists who were currently providing music for services. The Surveyor confirmed that the music service was to run alongside organists, and that the crematorium would still provide an organist if requested. The Surveyor noted that 75% of clients now used pre-recorded music and this was a way to move away from CDs etc which needed more time and staffing and left more margin for error.


Councillor Wingfield asked if the music system could play music from USB sticks, Bluetooth and directly from CDs, and it was confirmed that yes, it could, which gives a wide range of options.


Discussions were had in regards to the concerns of the costings, and it was noted that organists cost £80-90 whilst the music service would be of no charge, or for a minimal charge included in the fee.


The Committee were reminded that the decision would not be taking place as yet, and it was purely gathering information at this stage.


The Committee noted that the crematorium had retained gold status and recorded their thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work.


At the request of the Board, from the previous meeting, the Design Services Project  Officer attended the meeting to discuss the proposed replacements to the crematorium lighting. He explained that there would be 12 in the lobby area that would not be renewed as they had been replaced recently and therefore it would not be cost effective to replace them again, however all others would be replaced. The assumption was that the lights would last at least 6 years (LED lights can last anywhere from 10-20 years).


All present agreed and it was therefore:


RESOLVED: To proceed with replacements of crematorium lighting.


The Surveyor advised that the costings for the heat exchanger has not been received, and he would bring more information including a cost comparison with other environmental the September meeting.


There was a discussion in regards to the Recycling of Metals from cremations donation, and which charities would be nominated to receive a donation. It was decided to make a nomination to the ICCM of 3 charities with a lead charity for each year from 2016 to 2019. The Committee all agreed and it was:




That the Committee agrees to nominate the following charities to receive a donation and the order in which to be the lead charity:


1.    St Raphaels Hospice (2016/17)

2.    Trinity Hospice (2017/18)

3.    Royal Marsden (2018/19)


The Surveyor advised that the intruder alarm order has been placed and is almost complete.


Councillor Candida Jones requested information on the take-up for the early morning reduced-rate services. Figures were sent to the board following the meeting.


It was clarified that in Appendix 9 the cost of the internet music system would be £5000 to install, and then an additional £5000-6000 in maintenance costs. This would be discussed further at the December meeting.


The Chairman, Councillor Phillip Jones, reminded the Committee that the Annual Service of Remembrance would be held on Sunday 3rd July 2016. Regrettably he would be unable to attend this year and Deputy Chairman Vincent Galligan would confirm if he will be able to attend. 


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