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APPLICATION NO. B2016/74268 - Royal Marsden Hospital and 17 Cotswold Road, Sutton, SM2 5NG

Relocation of vehicular access onto Cotswold Road and reinstatement of full height kerb and footway over existing access junction, following demolition of 17 Cotswold Road.



The Committee considered a report on the above application for relocation of vehicular access onto Cotswold Road and reinstatement of full height kerb and footway over existing access junction, following demolition of 17 Cotswold Road following a de-delegation of the application by Councillor David Hicks.


Following the Officer presentation, Members raised questions with regards to:


·         Whether signalling at the junction would be part or full time. The Principal Engineer presented responded that full time signalling was currently proposed but this could be adjusted were the Committee so minded.

·         Whether residents of Pelton Avenue had been consulted, to which the Planning Officer responded that 70 properties were consulted but could not identify which ones specifically to the Committee.


Sharon Thomson, an objector, and Ward Councillor David Hicks addressed the meeting under Standing Order 31, and the applicants Steve Giles and Stuart Keen replied.


The principal issues raised by the objector were:-


·         The loss of privacy and outlook as well as increased noise, disturbance and pollution caused by standing traffic.

·         The short distance of 9.5 feet from front windows of houses to the street.

·         The location of the new entrance as too close to the junction.

·         The loss of parking spaces.

·         Previous parking problems related to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

·         Likelihood of decreased value of properties near to the traffic lights.

·         That the route could be redirected internally.


Members asked the objector whether consideration of a part time signal would be welcomed but the objector could not see any change to the signalling countering the points raised despite assurances from the Principal Engineer. Another question was raised in relation to air pollution concerns and the objector underlined her concerns of slow-moving and stationary traffic.


The principal issues raised by Ward Councillor David Hicks were:-


·         Whether express notification of the planning application coming to Committee should have been received following the act of de-delegation.

·         Lack of consultation of residents in Pelton Avenue.

·         The calculation of no net loss to parking.

·         Pollution caused by stationary and slow-moving traffic.

·         The contradiction of part-time signalling proposal to road safety concerns.

·         Piecemeal development in contradiction to the Cancer Hub Masterplan.

·         Lack of proven benefit to the Royal Marsden or residents.


The principal issues raised by the applicants were:-


·         The revision of the application following consultation with Planning and Highways Officers.

·         Site visits by a Ward Councillor and Community Representative.

·         Improvements to highway safety.

·         The continued development of world class medical facilities.

·         Overcoming limitations of the existing access road.


Members questioned the applicants as to:


·         The problem of the existing entrance, to which it was answered that the alignment and width of the internal road made passing for large vehicles difficult, that there was a problematic corner bend and the changes would reduce the risk of back-up into Cotswold Road.

·         The health implications for local residents caused by stationary traffic, to which it was answered that the effect is not as feared and analysis and discussions had been carried out in association with Highways Officers.

·         The aim to be air quality neutral, to which it was responded that air pollution is calculated on an area-wide basis.


Moving into debate, the Chair asked questions on:


·         The number of staggered junctions without signals across the Borough, to which the Principal Engineer responded that any junctions without signals were rather of a historic nature when there was less traffic and the aim is to reduce near-misses and accidents.

·         The loss or relocation of Pelton Avenue car parking spaces, to which the Principal Engineer responded that there would be no net loss of spaces and that detail could be requested of the applicants in their submission.

·         The consultation of residents in Pelton Avenue.

·         Whether thought had been given to changing the road internally to the site, to which it was answered that there was little to gain and the application was for the optimum alignment for road safety benefits.

Other Members supported the concerns over the loss of parking spaces and increased pollution.


The Strategic Development Management Advisor commented that if Highways had recommended granting permission, that it would be difficult to refuse the application on such grounds. However, due to the lack of concrete response to the question of resident consultation in Pelton Avenue, a deferral could be considered on such grounds as well as to request further detail on air pollution considerations and potential for queuing traffic, and to request the attendance of an Environment Officer. Members also requested that any potential conflict with the Cancer Hub Masterplan be verified.


With a motion to defer put forward by the Chair and Vice Chair, there voted:


To defer (9)               Councillors Samantha Bourne, Muhammad Sadiq, Jason Reynolds, Hamish Pollock, Margaret Court, Vincent Galligan, Patrick McManus, Tim Crowley and Graham Whitham.


Resolved: That a decision on whether to grant planning permission for application No. B2016/74268 be deferred to a later meeting of the Committee.


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