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Report of the Surveyor


The Chair, Councillor Philip Jones, spoke before the Report of the Surveyor to record the board’s sympathy following the recent death of Councillor Sally-Ann Ephson, a former member of the board.


The Surveyor presented his report in depth and board members asked questions and made comment as appropriate.


The board authorised the Surveyor to condense some of the data in future reports to avoid unnecessary duplication.


In regards to Item 2.5 of the Surveyor’s Report, the board recorded their congratulations to staff who had recently achieved, or who were in the progress of achieving qualifications.


Future Support from Wandsworth Council/Enable Leisure and Culture


Referring to Item 3 of the Report, the Surveyor explained to the Board that the current operational support from Wandsworth Council via Enable Leisure and Culture expired on 30 September 2016, and therefore the board were asked to continue with these services for the remainder of the contract. The board agreed and it was therefore


RESOLVED: That the Board agrees to continue with the current operational support from Enable Leisure and Culture until 30 September 2019.


Future Environmental Issues for the Crematorium


The Surveyor outlined three possible options, as detailed in the reports, and discussion was held on each option.


In regards to Option 1 (Heat Exchanger), questions were raised in regards to what the cost saving would be.  It was answered that although it would be difficult to quantify due to varying usage of the site, the savings would be substantial. The calculations for payback dates were also explained.


Following a summary of Option 2 (Ground Source Heat Pump), questions were raised by members of the Board as to why the costs were so high. It was explained that due to the layout of the site the only option would be to use the main drive area, which would require boreholes. Members questioned if the boreholes needed to go to such a depth, but it was stated that, given the intended location, excavation would need to be as minimal as possible.


Concern was raised over the contamination of the ground,and it was noted that this option carried risks and concerns.


The Surveyor outlined Option 3 (Photovoltaic Panels), but stated that there was insufficient roof space.


Mark Ferguson from Design Services was asked to investigate the additional option of using wind turbines to generate electricity, but to not pursue this if the costs would be too high.


The board were asked to agree on which options to pursue and it was


RESOLVED: That Option 1 be proceeded with, but not options 2 and 3.


Action Plan – Business Plan


The Surveyor said problems with tree roots were limiting the potential for more cremated remains graves.  A report would be made to the December meeting on the possibility of providing more above-ground niches instead. 





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