Agenda item

Update on the Multi-Use Games Area in the Daisyfield

Update on the proposal put forward by Glenthorne School in conjunction with Sutton Common Rovers to build a MUGA at Reigate Avenue Rec.


Report to follow.


Indicative time: 45 minutes


Councillor Bourne left the room for the duration of the item, following the interest that she had declared.


A presentation was given by Robert Woodbridge, Neighbourhood Manager, and Stephen Hume, Head Teacher of Glenthorne School, to provide an update on the proposal to build a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Reigate Avenue Recreation Ground.


The Committee were asked to consider the impact of the proposal on the surrounding area. Councillor Javelot reiterated that during this meeting planning issues could not be discussed.


Specific comments and feedback from Councillors were as follows:


·         Positive idea of children’s play area.

·         Positive idea to offer additional facilities.

·         Positive consultation process.

·         Positive idea of 3G pitch provided that all the buildings are to be on Glenthorne School’s land.

·         Concern raised of spillage from flood lights.

·         Concern raised that in some of the options, buildings were not on Glenthorne School’s land, the plan shown was one of four options and some building is on Council land.

·         Concern raised re. Additional noise nuisance to residents.

·         Concern raised re. Loss of open space.

·         Concerned that there will be loss of open space depending on the plan other park users could lose up to 25% of the park this will restrict space to some users of the park.

·         General Councillors commented that the school would occupy more of the park in the summer as the area of the running track is on the parkland.


RESOLVED: that the committee considered and discussed the impact of the proposal on the park and surrounding area.

Supporting documents: