Agenda item

Public Question time

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda.


If you wish to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send it to at least 5 days in advance and we will endeavour to obtain a written response for the meeting. 


Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.


Indicative time 20 minutes



Public Questions ahead of the committee were published as an addendum and paper copies provided at the meeting.  Please see addendum for details of the questions asked and answered.


A local resident Sharon Thompson. Asked why the Council have increased charges for CPZ permits based on CO2 emissions and why is that fair? Whilst the question was submitted in advance the response had not been published therefore this was given during the meeting.


Ian Price Highways Team Leader Strategy and Commissioning advised that the pricing strategy was reviewed in 2015 and considered to be consistent across all parts of the borough. He advised the aim of the Strategy is that people who have a permit contribute to the policing of the CPZ area. He pointed out that the CO2 element is an opportunity to get a cheaper permit by incentivising people to change their car to a less polluting vehicle.


Members queried if  the policy should cover all issues on car pollution for example  to differentiate between petrol and diesel cars.  Mr Mattey advised CPZ was implemented in Belmont to reduce nuisance parking from people working and visiting the hospital.  He asked if there could be a different way to fund these particular permits.  The Highways Team Leader Strategy and Commissioning responded that is not aware of a plan to change these charges.


Keith Percy, from Highfields Residents’ Association, highlighted his four questions details of the questions asked and responses given are available in the public question addendum. A Further update to the responses was provided in the meeting by Mark Dalzell Head of Neighbourhood Services and Scott Edgell Veolia General Manager.


Head of Neighbourhood Services confirmed  that missed Collections can be reported by  phone or online.  If there is still a failure residents can ask the contact centre for the issue to be escalated or the escalation can be requested via the website.   It was confirmed that call waiting times for the contact centre is now typically 2 minutes,which is back to pre March levels.  Councillor Shields asked if response times to residents queries are improving - Head of Neighbourhood Services advised this is significantly better since April May and June. Mr Percy asked if compensation for full refund of the service fee could be given. Matt Clubb  Assistant Director Environmental Commissioning advised that the start date of collecting fees will be pushed back to give 2 months free service as compensation .  Scott Edgell Veolia General Manager advised he will look into this case personally and will discuss compensation in this case only with this resident.  When challenged to confirm if he would refund this particular resident the full annual fee of £61  he agreed to look into that.   Councillor Shields advised that if Veolia did not  agree to give a full refund to this resident of £61 then he would personally refund this amount to the resident.


In respect of reports that animals had been able to open food bins the Veolia General Manager advised that if the bin handle is pushed correctly over the bin it could not be opened. However he also confirmed that if residents preferred to supply their own tamper proof food waste bins these will be emptied if presented and marked in the correct way.  Councillor Burstow advised of a resident in Cheam that has also had missed collections The Veolia General Manager offered to take the details and follow this up directly.


A resident Andrew Behan submitted a question regarding width restriction and lights that are not working. Whilst a response is provided in the Public Question addendum Councillor Shields has asked that the Highway officer Lynn Robinson should provide Mr Mehan with an update on when this work will be completed.