Agenda item

Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants

Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer to present an update on the progress of Public Realm schemes and Neighbourhood grants.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer presented an update on the progress of Public Realm Schemes and Neighbourhood Grants.


Please see presentation attached to show the Grants recently agreed. Councillor Pascoe queried the amount of the grant to the 8th Cheam Scouts.  Councillor Shields asked that the Locality Lead Officer investigate and revert direct to all Councillors to clarify.


Councillor Clifton raised with the committee a new scheme called the Royal British Legion Silent Soldier Campaign. He asked for committee views on supporting this. He advised that it would cost £100 for each “Silent Soldier statue”.  Councillor Clifton raised a motioned to support this campaign by purchasing 3 Silent Soldier Statues. Councillor Shields seconded this and asked for this to go to the vote.  Councillor Burstow then asked for asked for an additional Silent Soldier statue and motioned that the committee should consider purchasing 4 rather than 3 silent soldier statues.  Following the motion and further discussion the Committee agreed.


  1. RESOLVED that the South Sutton Cheam and Belmont Local committee agreed £400 from Public Realm funds for the purchase of 4 “Silent Soldier statues” subject to traffic team agreeing safe locations for these to be placed at least one to be in each ward area.


Mr Percy advised the committee that he has noticed that Sunderland House Frontage has changed, and previously there was a dropped kerb further down Cedar Road which was safer to use for cyclists than the location of the current dropped kerb.  The Chair asked that Highways Officer Lynn Robinson should please investigate if an additional dropped kerb could be agreed. The Highways officer will report back to local committee and Mr Percy in due course.


Councillor Witham asked for updates regarding item on page 20 regarding adding the soldiers name on war memorial.  Councillor Shields highlighted that war grave commission and RBL do not currently agree on names to be added. This is still being looked at before it will progress.


Highways Officer and Lead Locality Officer highlighted the scheme to agree the width restriction at Grange Vale and sought agreement of the committee to progress this scheme to formal consultation.  The Chair motioned that the Width restriction at Grange Vale should be progressed to formal consultation, and the committee agreed


   2. RESOLVED that the South Sutton Cheam and Belmont Local committee agreed the width restriction at Grange Vale be progressed to formal consultation.


Mr. Peter Mattey asked for an allocation for public realm Funds for a gate to be installed at Belmont Rest Garden. Following discussion by the committee regarding this request Councillor Shields motioned for the committee to agree to £1500 from public realm funds to install the gate as requested. Following vote The Committee agreed to this.


        3. RESOLVED that the South Sutton Cheam and Belmont Local committee agreed £1,500 for the gates to be installed at Belmont Rest Garden.


Mr Mattey raised a further question regarding the of Belmont and Cheam Christmas lights. Councillor Shields asked that the Lead Locality Officer look into if the Cheam and Belmont tree lights will be covered under the new contract and will revert to the Committee and Mr Mattey in due course.


Councillor Burstow raised a question regarding if each ward could say which tree lights each Ward would like to have.  The Ward Councillors for South Sutton and Cheam confirmed that decorations should be baubles and the Councillors agreed that the tree lights in Belmont can be decided by Mr Mattey.  


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