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Update on review of the Special Policy on Cumulative Impact

This report updates Members on the review of the Special Policy on Cumulative Impact, which the Committee agreed to undertake on 3 October 2016.


David Kingstone, Licensing and Environmental Compliance Team Leader, presented the report to update the Committee on the review of the special policy on cumulative impact, in particular the proposal to consider reducing the number of cumulative impact zones in the borough. Hannah Russell from the Safer Sutton Partnership took the committee through Appendix A, a report prepared by the Safer Sutton Partnership Service which analysed a variety of data streams that the committee had previously agreed would assist with the review.


Committee members asked questions surrounding known problem areas in their wards, and David Kingstone responded to confirm that the report had sought to identify areas where it was known that violence and anti-social behaviour was clearly linked with the consumption of alcohol. Nick Cloke, Lead Officer for Licensing, responded to a question from Councillor Paul Wingfield to confirm that the cumulative impact policy aimed to encourage those applying for licenses to address the concerns that the council had in problem areas, and that the review sought to ensure that the policy was not preventing the desired improvement around town centres, in particular increased restaurant economy and entertainment venues. It was clarified following concerns raised by Councillor Bartolucci, that the policy would not be based on the number of premises in certain areas, but rather the issues in the problem hotspots, and that an application within an identified zone would not be automatically rejected but rather that there would be a stricter set of criteria for an applicant to meet.


Members raised concerns about how to prevent alcohol related anti-social behaviour beyond a policy on cumulative impact, and discussed whether a policy could be tailored to particular areas in the borough with different needs and different types of premises. Nick Cloke advised that the police had access to “designated public place orders” to prevent street drinking. The Chair requested that the Borough Commander be approached to respond further regarding


The Chair summarised that there were two areas that the committee were most concerned about, in Cheam North and Sutton Green and officers were asked to consider the evidence base for these areas in greater detail. David Kingstone advised that the revised Statement of Licensing Policy could become more robust and request more of applicants across the whole borough via a wider review of the whole policy, which the Committee could consider seeking.  


Resolved that the Licensing Committee:


Considered the evidence provided in the analysis report together with additional informationsupporting the analysis provided verbally at the meeting, and identified that the review of the Special Policy on Cumulative Impact should aim to reduce the number of off licenses selling alcohol in the borough, to encourage an increase in restaurants, and to focus on reducing anti-social behaviour in the area. Officers were requested to consider further evidence around concerns about Cheam North from Tesco Express in North Cheam to beyond Victoria House, and the area surrounding Sutton Green as far as Oakhill Road, and to report back to the next Committee meeting.


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