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Neighbourhood Services Update

Mark Dalzell, Head of Neighbourhood Services and Scott Edgell, Veolia General Manager, will provide the committee with a verbal update on the parks, Streets and Waste Services within the local committee area.


Indicative timing:  40 minutes




Mark Dalzell, Head of Neighbourhood Services, gave an update on the Neighbourhood Services that are provided in the local committee area. He highlighted as part of the presentation the ongoing work with Friends groups and the support that can be provided. He further advised there are bulbs available and if any residents are interested in planting these in the public areas to please let him know.

Carl Brown asked about enhancing the Oaks Park garage security and  also for time frame of when the work will be completed. Head of Neighbourhood Services advised idverde are working on this as it is their equipment that is stored there so he will seek an update. Mr Brown raise two further issues first regarding street trees have been cut down but there are base suckers and roots causing a  hazard, and also highlighted an issue where branches from trees in residents gardens in Barrow Avenue hangover and cause public nuisance to walkers. Head of Neighbourhood Services requested the location details of these two issues and advised he will take this forward and investigate.


Members queried  the procedure to arrange for large trees in allotment spaces to be removed. This related to Stanley Allotments allotment where one allotment has 13 sycamore trees which have self-seeded. Head of Neighbourhood Services advised this was previously referred to  Mary Morrissey Strategic Director of Environment Neighbourhood and Regeneration  for decision after consultation with Councillor  Whitehead as Chair of Environment & Neighbourhood Committee. The outcome of that was the Council advised their policy is to retain trees unless the trees are diseased. However as the trees are on allotment land he believes the allotment owner may remove them. He confirmed there is no budget for the Council to undertake this work and he confirmed he would look into this specific case and revert to Councillor Butt.


Members queried response times to issues raised regarding Waste Service.   Scott Edgell                                  Veolia General Manager advised that an email acknowledgement is sent to confirm receipt of the query and it is then passed to operations team to respond.  He highlighted that there have been 20,000 additional bins delivered to residents and and there are currently 2000 further orders that will be delivered by 20 November.  Regarding leaf clearing he confirmed sweeper equipment is available to clear leaves but strategy is to hold onto resources until more leaves are down to avoid sweeping the same road multiple times. Head of Neighbourhood Services, gave assurance that the schedule for cleaning streets is known and as soon as the work is activated the Council will monitor to ensure work is completed.


Members also raised concerns regarding fly tipping and asked who is responsible for removing and taking enforcement action.  It was confirmed that fly tipping in parks is picked up by idverde and fly tipping  in streets is removed by Veolia. All data on fly tipping is brought together and audited by an external body.  Veolia and idverde open sacks and identify where the fly tipping is coming from and pass that onto the enforcement team. It was confirmed that enforcement action was taken recently at Rosehill.


Councillor Haldane highlighted an entire road where bin collections are still not happening regularly, once reported it is collected but still not being done without being prompted. The Veolia General Manager  advised the number of missed bin collections  is reducing and requested details of this specific issue so he may investigate and rectify.


Councillor Whitehead advised the Mayor for London  is setting a recycling target target for all boroughs of 50% and London Borough of Sutton are already achieving that, the Veolia General Manager congratulated residents and confirmed that our recycling rate is the highest rate in London at 52%.


In respect of winter gritting preparation  it was confirmed that the plans have not changed from previous years.  All staff are trained to deliver the grit and Veolia are ready to deploy when they are advised to take action.


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