Agenda item

Public Question Time

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda.


If you wish to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send it to at least 5 working days in advance and we will endeavour to obtain a written response for the meeting. 


Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes



An addendum of the questions raised in advance of the meeting and responses are to be published.  New and supplementary questions and responses are provided below. Alan Plant from CHAPRA asked Councillor Bourne for an update on improvements to 93 bus routes and bus standing provision.   Mr Plant also wanted to offer thanks from CHAPRA to Councillors Bourne and Broadbent for all their work in assisting residents.


Councillor Bourne provided an updated, that new plans regarding 93 bus have been drafted and the reasons for the delays to these.  Plans are due to be shared with residents in Mid-March. It is hoped that informal consultation will take place before the pre-election period.


Mr Robert Sparrow asked a supplementary question on the traffic pollution issue The Chair asked that the officer who made the initial response, Mr Trew, should revert to Mr Sparrow to discuss his concerns.  Councillor Broadbent highlighted the previous schemes that were agreed for LIP funding he explained the priorities that had been put forward and how they were prioritised. Lynn Robinson also advised of the funding for bus priority work and the aim of that scheme is to reduce congestion and improve the flow of traffic in Central Road to address these concerns.


Residents were advised by the Chair that questions relating to planning could not be responded to from this Local committee and should be address to the planning department. In respect of Mr Sparrows question the Chair asked that he address his query to Mr Williams in the planning team


Supplementary question from Angela Marriott regarding waste collection. Mrs Marriott previously used bags for her waste rather than a wheelie bin. She has recently found out that the bag service has been withdrawn.  She asked that people that are incapacitated be allowed to continue with the bag service.  Victoria Jeffrey Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that anyone with mobility issues may request an assisted collection.  She also advised that residents should have received a letter about the change-over of the bag collections, and apologised that this letter had not been received.  She offered to discuss this particular issue outside of the meeting with Mrs Marriott.   Councillor Hookway apologised for the shortfall in service and encouraged residents to highlight issues to their local councillors who can help get resolution from Veolia.


Question from Mr Richard Johnson regarding Worcester Park library garden was taken as read.  Councillor Bourne confirmed that there was no conflict of interest as the information requested from her was after the planning meeting had taken place.


Question 6 from Mr Johnson also taken as read - a response had been provided.  Mr Johnson asked a supplementary question querying why funding had been given if this friends group is not a registered charity. Paul Brockwell the Lead Locality Officer advised the project started in 2013 the large majority of the funding was from Mayor of London and some matched funding, and also a neighbourhood grant in 2015 and public realm funding for a bench. He also confirmed that community groups do not have to have formal charity status to enable them to apply for and be awarded funds.  

Councillor Broadbent advised he was involved in the project and wanted to reiterate that out of the total funding only 20% was contributed by the local committee.  On that basis he would not expect the local committee to monitor the project.


Question 7 Mr Johnson asked Councillors if they were aware of any issues linked to the security of Worcester Park residents’ mail box. Members confirmed they were not aware of any issues.


Questions from the floor - Mr Peter Garringer, advised he was previously a Conservative Councillor and had served at the same time as Councillor Adrian Davey.  He wanted to note his thanks to Councillor Davey on behalf of the Conservative party. He asked if former Councillors could be advised of the death of a serving member.  The Chair agreed to feed back this request for consideration.


Angela Marriott raised a question on behalf of a local resident Alison McDonald. Her small brown food caddy was blown away in high winds. Despite requests for a replacement Ms McDonald was advised that a replacement would take a number of weeks and in the meantime that she should put her food waste into the Brown bin.  Chair asked that she contact her local Councillor who will be able to take this forward for her for a speedy response.  Victoria Jeffrey Head of Local Place and Engagement offered to make contact with the resident to make sure this gets resolved.  


A local resident advised of an accident caused by one of the small food caddy bins hitting a car during a period of high winds.  He suggested that the food bins should be discontinued. Victoria Jeffrey Head of Local Place and Engagement explained the reason for the separate food waste container and why it is necessary for these to remain in use.