Agenda item

Report of the Surveyor


Clive Andrews, the Surveyor introduced the report, covering the last 3 months to March 2018, and drew Members attention to the following points:


Business activity - continues to grow increasing market share. The previous projection on numbers of cremations for this year was originally 1800 subsequently revised to1850 and this is now expected to increase to 2000 for the full year.  Councillor Thom asked if this is a National trend and if more people now choose cremations.  The Surveyor advised cost of cremation is less expensive and thus more affordable for families. The split for cremation to burials is now thought to be 75/25 in favour of cremations. Councillor Jones asked if our market share has gone up compared to our neighbours and The Surveyor will investigate this and come back to the Board at a later meeting.  Councillor Stanford asked if there the availability of burial land is a factor.  The Surveyor advised that burial land in particular within inner cities is generally being exhausted. There are a few exceptions one of which is Morden Cemetery (owned by Wandsworth Council) which as a cemetery has ample burial space. Therefore he is looking to propose to the Board to purchase a new piece of burial land in Morden for North East Surrey to use. The proposal and associated valuation will be put to the Board at a subsequent meeting.


Performance Monitoring of Enable Leisure and Culture. The Surveyor advised the Board that currently the heat exchanger is not connected to the heating system, he is working with the contractor to finish the last piece of work on this.  This will mean that the report on energy management originally scheduled for December 2018 will now have to be postponed until sometime in 2019 to allow the heat exchanger to be connected and to operate for at least 12 months.   Councillor Jones asked for clarification on the Concerto system. The Surveyor advised it is a Wandsworth Council online system where health and safety reports are retained.  In debate members queried why the system had not been completely updated by engineers who perform the health and safety checks. Councillor Wingfield suggested the board may want to consider withholding payment to engineers until the results from the checks have been uploaded on to the Concerto System


Councillor Wingfield raised a motion that the engineers who complete the quality assurance obligations should record this on the Concerto system before they are paid for their work and this was seconded by Councillor Michael Ryder.


RESOLVED that the North East Surrey Crematorium Board


  1. Agreed that the Surveyor should raise with the engineers that that until quality assurance obligations are recorded within the Concerto system payment for this work will be will not be made.


Councillor McKinney requested some feedback regarding the Carol service. It was confirmed that it was very well received by the public and therefore it will be held again in December this year. Councillor Latif requested that a visit to view the Crematorium facilities be arranged for Board members.  The Surveyor confirmed this will take place following the June meeting when he will show the grounds and facilities to all Board Members.


Capital Works. The Surveyor provided an update regarding the renewal of the ashes lawn.  He advised that the design services team are currently seeking costs and talking to contractors regarding this work.  He advised that as it is bespoke work there will be some delay to the originally envisaged time frame.  The Surveyor also suggested work should be done in the better weather and would look to carry this out in July/August rather than in May.  It was suggested that signage will be put out 2-3 months prior to the work being carried out.  The Surveyor advised there is no other area on site where ashes can be interred.  The original lawn has lasted for over 50 years and following the raising of the lawn there is no reason why this shouldn’t last for a similar period of time. In respect of this work it was confirmed that no existing internments will be disturbed and that the existing level of the ashes lawn will be raised by 1 approximately metre to accommodate new internments and a new retaining wall will be built. The sensitivity of the size and wording of the signage had been agreed.


RESOLVED that the North East Surrey Crematorium Board

2.    Noted this report as an overview of the Surveyors findings for the management of the crematorium in the past three months from January to March 2018


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