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APPLICATION NO.DM2018/01667 1 Belmont Road Wallington SM6 8TE

Change of use from A3 (cafe) to A5 (Hot food takeaway) together with the installation of an extractor fan and canopy, cycle and motocycle parking.


Rory Moores, Planning Officer, presented the report on the above application for Change of use from A3 (café) to A5 (Hot food takeaway) together with the installation of an extractor fan and canopy, cycle and motorcycle parking.


Members sought clarity on the proposed opening times of the business,  if the majority of customers would be using delivery bike and car services, and clarification on other non residential use properties in the immediate location.  They queried how the opening hours of those establishments compared with this application.


The officer responded accordingly.


There was discussion regarding the height of the extractor flue and the impact on the street scene.  The officer confirmed that the height is 7.5 metres.


James King, an objector, and Councillor Barry Lewis, a ward councillor, addressed the meeting under Standing Order 31, and the applicant replied.


The principal issues raised by Mr James King were:-


  • Mr King confirmed he was representing a group of local residents and wanted to raise their concerns regarding this application.
  • He expressed concern regarding the excessive opening hours in particular as the location is so close to residential properties and Collingwood Primary School.
  • The application site is in a one way street.  He raised concerns regarding traffic and car/ bike parking.
  • Concern regarding increased litter, odour, noise and anti-social behaviour.
  • The impact on the street scene.


Members sought clarification on the objectors main concern.  The objector confirmed main concern is with the proposed excessive opening hours.  


The principal issues raised by Councillor Barry Lewis were:-


  • Belmont Road falls within Wallington District centre but is very close to residential properties. He expressed concern regarding the opening hours and increase in cars and bikes collecting take away food and that motorbikes will cross the pavement and create a risk for pedestrians
  • Will spoil the visual amenity of the Area
  • Concerns about odour
  • Concerns regarding the concentration and number of food outlets in close proximity


Roger Lieberg the agent from Roger Lieberg Ltd addressed the meeting. The key points raised were:

He advised the committee that as the premises is located close to the railway and bus route he believes a large percentage of trade would be from commuters returning from work and collecting food to take away rather than food for delivery by car or bike.  He also advised that the nature of the food would mean that it would not create an increase in littering as it could not be eaten on the move but would be consumed at home.


He advised that his client would be happy to reduce the opening hours.


In terms of ventilation he confirmed this complied with new defra guidelines and that should ensure no noticeable odours.


Members sought clarification parking facilities locally and Mr De Castro the Transport and Highways officer confirmed that there is ample parking in the surrounding streets and nearby car parks. He advised that in terms of policy there is no specific requirement to provide additional parking.


In debate Members were minded that many of the concerns of residents were in respect of the proposed excessive opening hours and indicated that as the applicant had offered to reduce the proposed opening hours if they could be amended by condition that could be something they could support.


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