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Purpose of committee

Full Council has a number of specific functions allocated to it by statute.  These include:


·         approving the Council’s policy framework

·         approving the Council’s budget

·         adopting and changing the Council’s Constitution


All functions of the Full Council are set out below:-


·         To adopt the Constitution.

·         To approve or adopt a policy framework.

·         To make decisions about matters for which Committees are responsible, which are covered by the policy framework or the budget, where a Committee intends to take a decision that is not in accordance with the framework and outside the scope agreed for in-year modifications.

·         To elect the Leader of the Council.

·         To elect the Mayor.

·         To confirm the appointment of the Head of Paid Service.

·         To appoint the Chairs of committees.

·         To agree the level of Council Tax and budget including general fund gross expenditure, income and net expenditure for a financial year, on the recommendation of Strategy and Resources Committee.

·         To make, amend, revoke or re-enact bye-laws under any enactment, on the recommendation of the appropriate committee.

·         To allocate seats to party groups and appoint committees, panels and forums (except Education Appeals Panels).

·         To allocate functions and define duties and powers of committees, on the recommendation of Strategy and Resources Committee.

·         To promote, adopt or oppose private legislation and Parliamentary Bills on the recommendation of Strategy and Resources Committee.

·         To approve the holding of a Council Lottery.

·         To amend, revoke or add to Standing Orders or Financial Regulations.

·         To approve the scheme of delegations to officers.

·         To adopt annually a Members’ Allowances Scheme.

·         To divide the constituency into polling districts at general elections and divide electoral divisions into polling districts at local government elections.

·         To appoint an Electoral Registration Officer and Returning Officer.

·         To submit proposals to the Secretary of State for an order under Section 10 of the Representation of The People Act 2000 (Pilot Schemes for Local Elections).

·         To change the name of the Borough.

·         To confer the title of Honorary Alderman or to admit a person to be an Honorary Freeman.

·         To authorise applications to the Secretary of State for the transfer of housing land and applications to join the annual disposals programme. (Large Scale Stock Transfers).

·         To agree all other aspects of the budget including the capital programme and housing revenue account estimates.


Contact information

Support officer: Alexa Coates, Head of Committee and Management Support. Tel: 020 8770 4990 | Email:

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