Committee details

Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee

Purpose of committee

The membership comprises all councillors representing wards within the geographical area of the committee and non-voting representatives of any formally constituted locally-based group that promotes the interests of local residents, businesses or visitors in the local committee area. These committees were established under Regulations made under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, which means that they do not have to reflect the political balance of the Council as a whole.




The purpose of the committees is:


1.    To be an effective mechanism for representing the interests of local communities and engaging them in the decision making process.


2.    To consider and take decisions on issues within the geographical area prescribed by the Strategy and Resources Committee and to monitor the performance of local services.


3.    To ensure that services are carried out in accordance with the Council's core values, policies, strategies and within approved budgets.




The function of the committees is:


1.    To engage local residents and stakeholders in discussions about issues that affect their locality.


2.    To consider and make proposals on issues within their geographical area.


3.    To have responsibility for implementing the Council’s policies within their area.


4.    To monitor the performance of local services within their area, with the exception of licensing and development control matters.


5.    To consider representations from groups or individuals.


6.    To implement Action Plans and Business Plans within their area.


7.    To allocate budgets agreed by the Strategy and Resources Committee and Full Council.


8.    To have responsibility for a range of functions as delegated by the Strategy and Resources Committee.


9.    To promote, subject to sufficient local support, a neighbourhood forum for the purpose of requiring the local planning authority to make a local development order under the Localism Act 2011.


10.The scoping of Supplementary Planning Documents.


11.To make recommendations to the Strategy and Resources Committee, or other appropriate council committee, on services in their area.


12.To be consulted on any issues relating to the performance provision of services within their remit.


13.To have responsibility for agreeing to the disposal of small pieces of land (without development potential) on the recommendation of the Strategy and Resources Committee.


Contact information

Support officer: Sharon Major, Committee Services Officer. Tel: 020 8770 4990, Email: