Committee details

People Committee

Purpose of committee


          This will be the Council’s statutory social services committee.


          To carry out those statutory and non-statutory functions falling within its area of responsibility as set out below, working within the budget and policy framework previously approved by Council, except where such functions remain reserved to the Council or have been delegated to any other Committee within the Council’s Scheme of Delegation.


To recommend to Full Council new or changes in previously approved policies.


To make joint arrangements or delegate decision making to Strategic Directors.  However, this does not prevent that Committee from choosing to exercise the function itself.  


Areas of responsibility include:


·         Adoption and Fostering

·         Adult Social Care, support or health services provided by the Local Authority

·         Adult Education

·         Assessment of need and commissioning services for vulnerable adults

·         Careers Development

·         Carers’ Support

·         Charging for social care and support services

·         Children’s Centres

·         Commissioning preventative services for adults

·         Day Nurseries

·         Early Years

·         Educational Psychology

·         Family Support Services

·         Freedom Passes, Taxi cards and Blue badges

·         Joint commissioning of health and social care services

·         Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Services for Children

·         Looked After Children/Leaving Care

·         Play Service

·         Primary and Secondary Education

·         Safeguarding Adults

·         School Catering

·         Wellbeing Services - (Services supporting physical and mental wellbeing which are aimed at enabling people to achieve and maintain good health, to keep independent and resilient, living in their own homes and communities and promoting social connectedness).

·         Young Carers

·         Youth Offending

·         Youth Services


Non-Councillor Representatives on Committee


The representatives from the Anglican and Roman Catholic Diocesan Boards will each have a seat on the People Committee but may only participate and vote on education matters.


Contact information

Support officer: Cathy Hayward, Committee Services Officer. Tel.: 020 8770 4990, Email:

Postal address:
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way