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Parking Strategy

11/10/2016 - Parking Strategy


Mehmet Mazhar, Client Commissioning Highways & Transport Service, and Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy and Commissioning, gave a presentation on the Parking Strategy, outlining the background, the key points, and the delivery plan.


Warren Shadbolt, Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities, advised the Committee that legally the Council cannot generate a profit from parking, and that it can only cover its own costs.


Members identified that parking is a key issue for residents and asked that specific reference to the data from the Borough’s 2015 Residents Survey be included in the strategy.


Members debated whether permits for residents should extend to a total of 3 or 4 cars at each property. Members were mindful that young people now lived at home for longer, and therefore many families would have children living at home who had cars of their own, and limiting the number could cause issues for these families. The Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities advised that only 6 permits had been issued for properties with 4 or more cars at present. Further information was sought on the number of households which had 3 or 4 or more cars, and it was suggested that the Chair in liaison with the Director of EHR, should consider this.


Members raised the need for a meaningful consultation process, and the Team Leader Strategy and Commissioning advised that the delivery plan is still to be developed, but it would include consultation at every Local Committee, consultations of residents in areas affected and statutory consultation.


A question was raised in regards to whether disability had been taken into account, and the Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities advised that there were currently 6264 individual blue badges and 92 organisational blue badges issued in the borough. However, the borough was the sixth highest for successfully tackling levels of fraud of blue badges, so it was important to try and integrate all schemes whilst also maintaining the high levels of enforcement.


The Executive Head of Safer and Stronger communities noted that the current Parents Permits only extended to parents of nursery schools in Sutton Central ward, but these could be ended after the current children left the schools. Very few of these permits had been issued, and it was suggested that the Chair in liaison with Director of EHR should consider this.


Members agreed that the complex strategy would require several sections to be looked at in further detail in regard to the specific policies, and it was requested that the current London Plan guidance on parking levels be circulated to members for information.The Team Leader, Strategy and Commissioning agreed to circulate information on the London Plan.


Members suggested that the proposed five classes of permits based on DVLA emissions classes should be supported by an extra flat fee for each extra car at each property up to a maximum of three or four cars (number of maximum cars to be determined). It was suggested that the Chair in liaison with the Director of EHR should consider the amount of extra fee for each extra vehicle.


Members requested the scheme objectives include reference to off-street parking, as all those listed at Para 5.7 related to on-street.  It was suggested that the last sentence of para 7.26, relating to positively using car parks be added to 5.7. It was noted that on-street parking would attract premium pricing compared to off- street parking to encourage visitors to use car parks, rather than park in busy roads.


Given the further details which needed to be discussed, members discussed and agreed an amendment to the recommendation, and it was therefore:


RESOLVED: that the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee:


2.1 Agreed and adopt the Parking Strategy and Policy 2016 and the associated delivery plan attached as Appendix A, as amended, and to have a delegated authority to the Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration in consultation with the Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee to discuss specific schemes within that, namely:


a) Whether the total number of allowable permits should be a maximum of three or four for each household

b) Whether the current Parents’ Permits should be phased out immediately or when the current classes had finished nursery school.

c) The nature of the additional flat fee to be added for each extra vehicle under the emissions criteria


Councillors McManus and Shields requested it be noted that they voted against the above recommendation.


2.2 Noted the capital financing required to support its delivery