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Cross-Over Policy

31/05/2017 - Cross-Over Policy

The Group Manager of Highways and Transport, Mervyn Bartlett presented the report and commented that the new policy would take effect from the 1 October 2017, that it placed more emphasis on protecting grass verges, encouraging sustainable drainage and improving highway safety.


The Chair asked for clarification as to whether this was a joint policy with Sutton and Kingston Council. The Group Manager of Highways and Transport confirmed the policy was just for Sutton Council and the new policy for Kingston Council had not yet gone to their committee for consideration.


Members asked what the enforcement rules were for parking on dropped kerbs. The Group Manager explained that the cross-over policy does not deal with enforcement. The Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities added further that Indigo the Council’s parking contractors handled parking enforcement and this was not an issue covered by this report. Members asked for clarification of parking regulation enforcement and the Executive Head confirmed that officers will provide a briefing.


One member questioned why the length of a crossover had the specified measurement of 4.8m. The Group Manager explained that there was no change in the dimensions from the existing policy and 4.8m was the industry standard used by all local authorities as advised by Government.


Members questioned why only paper applications could be submitted, as online applications should be used. The Executive Head and Group Manager confirmed that online applications will be looked into in due course, and submission could be made by email.


Members questioned if there were any specific parameters for an electric car needing a dropped kerb to access a charging port. The Executive Head clarified there was no distinction between electric and non-electric cars. The Chair noted that this committee would be considering electric charging policy later this year.


Members queried whether the new policy took into account advice on accessibility from the Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) and what the policy was in regard to trees. The Group Manager answered that the policy is seeking to protect existing trees unless there was a safety hazard, and the new policy standards take into account accessibility.




1.    The progress made on the review of Sutton Council's Vehicle Crossover Policy by the Shared Highways and Transport Service be noted


2.    The adoption of the new Sutton Council Vehicle Crossover Policy, as detailed in Appendix A of this report, to commence from the 1 October 2017, be approved.


There were seven votes in favour of the new Crossover Policy. Councillors Paul Wingfield, Patrick McManus and Tony Shields voted against the adoption of the Sutton Council Vehicle Crossover Policy.