Issue - decisions

Review of Environment, Housing and Regeneration Fees and Charges for 2018/19

23/05/2018 - Review of Environment, Housing and Regeneration Fees and Charges for 2018/19

Scott Funnel, Head of Environment Commissioning, presented the report.


Members commented on increases in the length of skip licences as this could encourage fly tipping if the stay was longer. Members asked for clarification on this from officers.


Mervyn Bartlett, Group Manager for Highways and Transport explained that the Head of Highway Operations has reviewed the charges, is aware of the licence length, and the changes will decrease the administration burden on the Council. It was mentioned that the suggested length of the license was already in operation in Kingston with no reported problems.


Some members felt that the concerns raised regarding the charges for skip licenses had not been addressed adequately at the meeting.


Due to concerns, the Strategic Director therefore suggested that officers provide the committee with further information regarding the skip licences, and in the interests of time, delegated authority be given to the Strategic Director to implement any changes as result of re-consulting with the committee.


Members were in agreement that this should be added as a recommendation to be voted upon.




  1. That the variation in charges for the following services - Bulky Waste, Trade Waste, Registration Services, Sports and Leisure Management, Parks and Cemeteries, Biodiversity, Sutton Life Centre, Libraries, Heritage & Art Services, Regulatory Services and Shared Highways and Transport, be agreed.


  1. Further information be provided to the Committee in specific relation to the skip licenses, and agree delegated  authority be given to the Strategic Director to take any decisions necessary in consultation with the Chair in relation to the skip charges