Issue - decisions

Review of Housing Allocations Policy

26/03/2019 - Review of Housing Allocations Policy

Trevor Hart, Housing Strategy and Commissioning Manager, briefly presented the report, accompanied by Helen Davies, Head of Service: Advice, Information and Assessment - Encompass LATC.


Councillor Catherine Gray motioned, as seconded by Councillor Sam Weatherlake, that recommendation 5.2.3 within the Appendix A be changed to “Unborn children will not be taken into account until six weeks prior to birth for the purpose of assessing the number of bedrooms required by a household” to which committee members agreed.


Members gave further consideration to ‘untenant-like behaviour’. It was confirmed by officers that an appeals process existed.


RESOLVED: that the proposed changes to the Council’s housing allocations policy, as set out in Appendix A and described in section 4, be approved.