Issue - decisions

Routemap to zero carbon

19/11/2019 - Developing a plan to achieving zero carbon

Jennifer Sibley, Acting Head of Environment Strategy, presented the report.


Members asked the officer for further clarification as to whom the Council intends to engage in the development of this plan. The officer responded that they would approach a range of residents and stakeholders and seek a variety of views on the proposed plan. 


Members also requested clarification on the location and dates of the engagement sessions. The officer responded that the sessions will be spread across the borough and dates will be available within the next week. 


Members asked the officer questions regarding the proposed Task and Finish Group. There was further debate amongst members about the membership of the Task and Finish Group, which included whether to co-opt members of Extinction Rebellion. 



  1. It be agreed that officers proceed with option one to develop a plan to achieve zero carbon in partnership with residents, businesses, and key stakeholders. 
  2. It be agreed to establish a member Task and Finish Group to oversee the process and review and prioritise the proposals received. The Task and Finish Group would invite local groups, including an invitation being extended to Extinction Rebellion Sutton, to present evidence to the group.