Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Revocation to the decision to make prescribed alterations to Hackbridge Primary School and the revocation of the decision to discontinue Spencer Nursery School02/12/2019For Determination26/03/2020
Pupil Place Planning Update02/12/2019For Determination26/03/2020
Proposed new parking permits for carers08/11/2019For Determination19/12/2019
Adoption of the Revised Statement of Community Involvement08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Corporate Parenting Strategy and Children in Care Sufficiency Strategy08/11/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Independent Expert Report08/11/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Approval of Parks Strategy08/11/2019For Determination19/12/2019
Sutton Leaseholders Association Report08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
E&N Performance Report08/11/2019For Determination19/12/2019
Waste Minimisation Strategy08/11/2019For Determination19/12/2019
Review of the Design Review Panel08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Review of the Pre-Application Service08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Adoption of the Sutton Town Centre Public Realm Design Guide08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Housing Rents and Other Charges 2020/2108/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2020/21 to 2049/5008/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Sutton Housing Partnership Mid-Year Performance Review08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Homelessness Review - Findings of task and finish group08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
HEB Performance Report08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Update on the Written Statement of Action08/11/2019For Determination26/03/2020 MOVED:A further update will be provided at March committee.
Making Informed Choices Strategy08/11/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Sutton Council's Social Value Strategy08/11/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Procurement and future delivery of Primary and Special School Catering Contract01/10/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Sutton LSCP Annual Report 2018-1901/10/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Adult's Services Performance and Quality Assurance Report01/10/2019For Determination26/03/2020 moved - to next meeting due to pressure of business at the December meeting
Tree Maintenance Contract Procurement02/09/2019For Determination11/03/2020 Moved - A report will be brought in April 2020, after the contract has been tendered and the new costs are known. to allow a more informed discussion about awarding the contract & level of service that is affordable within existing budgets
Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme02/09/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Commissioning & Financial Planning 2020-21 to 2023-2402/09/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Taking forward the Service Development Map: response to Local Health & Care Plan01/08/2019For Determination23/03/2020 Moved due to NHS restructure and further internal discussion with SCH Alliance being required.
Update on the publication of performance data relating to the waste collection and street cleaning contract with Veolia01/08/2019For Determination11/03/2020
Update on the publication of performance data relating to the waste collection and street cleaning contract with Veolia01/08/2019For Determination19/12/2019
BCF Budget and Plan 2020/2101/08/2019For Determination23/03/2020 Moved; to be presented when budegts have been formally signed off by CCG and Local Authority
Update on LBS Outcome Based Commissioning Reviews01/08/2019For Determination23/03/2020 Moved -Project has been reprofiled and delivery dates changed
Children's Review: joint review of services and outcomes for children01/08/2019For Determination23/03/2020 Moved : Project has been reprofiled and delivery dates changed
Performance and Finance Report - Quarter 3 2019/2001/08/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Local Account 2018/1901/07/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Property Asset Management Strategy 2019/2403/06/2019For Determination30/03/2020 Moved: The preparation of the strategy is being delayed to enable external input into a review of the current strategy and incorporation of the council's wider regeneration objectives in the new strategy
SEND Transport03/06/2019For Determination16/01/2020 Moved :to be heard at the December Meeting as requested by Fiona Phelps