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Controlled Parking Zone for Demesne road

We the undersigned petition the council to Please could you implement a Controlled Parking Zone for Demesne road at the end towards the B271?

There are now far more cars belonging to the occupants of the houses than there is space to Park them. There is no off street parking for the houses here. People are now leaving rubbish bins in the street to save their spot, whilst others have to park far away from their houses. This is particularly problematic for families with young children. On occasion people have parked overnight on yellow lines such is the lack of space. Some houses with multiple occupants have many cars and vans belonging to them (around half a dozen vehicles originating from just one house). A van whose owner we cannot track down has been parked continously on the roadside for weeks without the owner seeming to have returned to it. A Controlled Parking Zone would limit the number of permits to three per household and would solve the issue we are having.

Started by: Charles anderson

This ePetition runs from 21/04/2021 to 02/06/2021.

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