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Cross Party Consultation for LTNs and School Streets Scheme

We the undersigned petition the council to Allow and Accept Cross Party Action, Consultation and Planning in regards to School Streets and LTNs

Following the way that the LTNS were implemented and removed within the London borough of Sutton, myself and many others have concerns on the way that the consultations will be carried out. And how decisions made. As the LTNS have such a major effect on the whole borough, many councillors of the London Borough of Sutton have offered on live meetings to do this as a cross party Consultation. I think that this is very important given the history and the clear desire to re-introduce.
This petition is signed by those that feel that the London Borough of Sutton, whom are currently a Liberal Democrat council, should allow and accept the assistance offered by cross party councillors in regards to the LTNS and The School Streets Scheme

Started by: Joanne Jackman

This ePetition ran from 11/05/2021 to 22/06/2021 and has now finished.

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