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Petition to Protect Wellfield Grazing

We the undersigned petition the council to reject the proposal to redefine the Wellfield Green Belt (S96) as a step to allow the land to be developed.

As a supporter of The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders I urge the Council to reject this proposal and uphold their agreement to allow the Centre to continue using this land for grazing the horses which provide valuable therapeutic riding for many people with disability and learning difficulties.

The loss of this grazing land would have a significant and adverse effect on the excellent and unique work of the Centre and would have serious irreversible impact on the local community and especially the disabled riders and their families who rely on the Diamond Centre to improve the quality of their lives.

Started by: Jonathan Hamon (The Diamond Centre)

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This ePetition ran from 14/05/2016 to 09/06/2016 and has now finished.

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