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Sports Facilities in Carshalton Park

We the undersigned petition the council to agree to re-purpose one of the five underused tennis courts in Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road into a free to use Netball court with potential for a second multi-sports court on the same site. This would leave three remaining tennis courts.

Within the borough there are a great number of sporting facilities which are primarily aimed at male dominated sports such as basketball and football which are, of course, predominantly used by men and boys. There are currently no free to use Netball courts or other facilities for traditionally female sports or activities within the Borough. This would address this imbalance whilst also providing full sized courts for netball, football and basketball. This request is to offer improved sports facilities for community groups, Girl Guiding groups, Sutton's London Youth Games participants as well as schools and individual women and girls, not only in Carshalton but across the borough, improving opportunities to promote health and well-being to all.

Started by: Mairead Agnew

This ePetition ran from 20/05/2019 to 22/08/2019 and has now finished.

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