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New Wandle Footbridge by Poulter Park to Better Connect Mitcham Junction Station to the St Helier Estate & The Wandle Trail

We the undersigned petition the council to Install a new Wandle footbridge by Poulter Park to better connect Mitcham Junction Station to the St Helier Estate & The Wandle Trail

With this new bridge, we the undersigned believe that approximately 2500 to 3000 households (that's ~6000 people) in the Wandle Valley Ward (and in particular the St Helier Estate would benefit from reduced journey times to and from Mitcham Junction Station.

Residents living west of Poulter Park in St Helier have a long walk, on average 25-30 minutes to Mitcham Junction station, which is geographically the closest railway station for most residents living here. A new bridge would cut this time by approximately 10 minutes, and therefore create new optimal routes away from busy roads and along the Wandle Valley Trail.

Presently, the options available to residents are walking north along Bishopsford Road and then down to Mitcham Junction, or south along Goat Road and then up to Mitcham Junction. Both of these options are loud and busy with road traffic and as such many residents opt to drive to and from Mitcham Junction or take the bus, rather than walk.

By installing a small footbridge over the river, we believe that walking or cycling to and from the station becomes a more attractive option for all users as it will cut down travel time and avoid busier main roads.

In practical terms, residents living on the St Helier estate commuting to and from Mitcham Junction by foot, would benefit from a walk that is both 10 minutes quicker and 10 minutes greener with this new bridge.

For a visual explanation of this ePetition, please see this image: https://imgur.com/a/KBKi84c

I'm sure we'd all like to spend more time walking by the river rather than walking along busy roads.

There are further benefits too:
1. Better connecting local residents to the businesses of the Wates Way industrial estate
2. Better connecting local recreation from those residing along the Thameslink trainline to the Wandle Trail
3. Better connecting us all (especially dog walkers) to large green spaces such as Mitcham Common
4. A small decrease in the road traffic around Mitcham Junction station during rush hour.

If you agree that this could benefit out local community, please sign this petition today.

A St Helier Resident

Started by: Alex Denne (Local Resident)

This ePetition runs from 01/08/2021 to 01/10/2021.

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